Kick your summer up a notch with luxe patio furniture

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

June 8, 2015

Patio furniture has really gone through a swan-like transformation over the last few years. Take a look at outdoor furniture in stores today and many of the lines, finishings and patterns are so similar to furniture you see indoors, that it often hard to distinguish it from its indoor-destined cousins. Despite looking like it belongs inside, modern patio furniture is made of durable material like powder-coated aluminum which makes it highly weather resistant, lightweight, and easy to care for.

Whether you have a small balcony or multiple acres to work with, patio furniture is a staple truly worth exploring. The right pieces will provide you with the comforts and chicness of indoor living, while enjoying the soul-hugging qualities of the outdoors. Here are some outdoor styling tips:

Be bold – When decorating for the outdoors it offers up the opportunity to be a bit more playful with patterns and colors. Many of today’s trendiest pieces have cushions that offer a dose of bold pattern and color. If you aren’t one for dramatic pops of color in the house this may be the perfect opportunity for you to go outside your comfort zone.

Sectionals – Sectional couches have become the status quo when it comes to functional and comfortable design for living rooms. Mimic this in your backyard by investing in a great outdoor sectional like the Connexion Outdoor Collection or the Toledo Sectional Seating. It comes in different options such as armless or armed chairs, ottomans, corners and single chairs which gives you the opportunity to build up a sectional of your dreams.

Banish the bistro table – One of the biggest myths when it comes to decorating is that if you are working with a small space you need to get small pieces to match the scale of it. This is simply untrue. Having comfortable, livable pieces will make you enjoy the space ten-fold and will eliminate the urge to clutter what’s left of the space with other small pieces. That’s why we love the Swim outdoor cocktail table and armchairs for smaller outdoor spaces. Its wide chairs (width: 25″ depth: 25″) and generous table (width: 45″ depth: 45″) mean you can put out that full dinner spread and truly enjoy eating alfresco. If you are in a very tiny balcony space, opt for two very comfortable loungers with luxe cushions – it’ll make lingering with that extra glass of wine all the more tempting!

Clever Accessories – Once you’re outside, stepping back in becomes that much harder to do. With the right accessories like an outdoor bar cart, you can eliminate some of that work. It makes serving food and cocktails much easier and cleanup faster (load everything up and wheel it towards the patio door). It’s the perfect example of an indoor trend that’s made its way outside.

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