It’s Time to See the Light

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

September 23, 2019

Few things have the power to completely change the style and mood of any space quite like quality lighting. In the world of designer lighting, there are many fixtures that do more than light up a room: they give it a new life, and enchant the people within it. From understated forms that blend into existing rooms, to marvellous centerpieces that build focus, we’ve got a wide range of top lighting. It can be hard to choose with so much style available, so we thought we’d highlight some truly breathtaking handcrafted lighting. 

Gold Moon Chandelier
If you want to make a stunning statement, you cannot go wrong with the expansive Gold Moon Chandelier. LEDs on the tips of copper curls, shine upwards onto richly textured gold wrap shades that reflect and diffuse light. A delight to behold, and configurable to fit any space, this chandelier confers a warm, intimate, yet otherworldly atmosphere.

Lederam Manta S2 Pendant Lamp
Inspired by the graceful manta ray, the sinuous Lederam Manta S2 Pendant Lamp is a restrained exercise in natural form. A hanging, shapely and lithe aluminum shade with textured wrap is lit from below by an LED source that fills it with light, creating soft yet thorough illumination. This pendant light is cozy, welcoming, and serene—an inspired choice for a dining room.

Macchina della Luce Chandelier
A triumph of form and texture, the Macchina della Luce Chandelier is a bold fixture that can complete and enhance the mood of any room. Foiled diffuser disks stacked above light sources uses the strength of simplicity to create a sense of peace and order. An outstanding combination of verticality and texture make this lovely light flexible enough to fit and refine nearly any space.

Fil de Fer Nuvola Chandelier
Some lights have a passive presence, but the Fil de Fer Nuvola Chandelier is one of those fixtures that can draw an audience and hold them in rapture. A scintillating cloud of aluminum filament lit from within by LED bulbs, this design masterpiece can give a new lease of life to any room. This dynamic and enchanting light will capture your imagination.

PostKrisi Suspension Lamp
Imaginative, lovely, and immediate, the PostKrisi Suspension Lamp uses a fiberglass shade to astounding effect. The two hemispheres of the lampshade are separated by an almost frost-inspired open border, creating a cool and thoughtful atmosphere that adds a subtle yet impressive effect to any space where it stands.

Light stands for many things—evoking hope, wonder, security, and comfort. Even purely functional lighting can do so much to improve a space. Introducing creative and inspired design takes lighting a step further by making any space more inviting and remarkable. Even a well-appointed and beautiful home can reach new heights when graced by gorgeous lighting. So dream a little: visit our showroom to see these stellar pieces in person, or browse our selection online to find something that inspires you to light up your life!

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