Interior Design Tips: Sizing A Rug For Your Room

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 8, 2018

Area rug retail sales recently hit $4.8 billion increasing from years past. And, home accent specialists and furniture stores consistently name the category as one of the fastest growing. A look at online rug shoppers through FurnitureDealer.net’s network of furniture store websites reveals a summary of the rug shapes and colors today’s buyers are wanting.

Based on recent consumer wish lists and email inquires, 90% of consumers are seeking rectangle rug shapes, 4% are seeking runners, 3% round shapes, 2% square, and 1% oval. Regarding colors, 28% of consumers are seeking rugs that are brown or beige, 22% black or gray, 14% blue or purple, 12% multi-colored, 6% green or teal, 6% red or pink, 6% white or ivory, 4% gold or yellow and 2% orange or peach.

Once consumers have determined the shape and color of the rug they desire, they next step is to choose the right rug size. One of the most common reasons that rugs are returned is improper size selection. When it comes time to unroll the rug, you want to be sure that it will fit exactly the way you want. Choosing the correct rug size is essential to filling a space properly and to making the rug look the best it can within a particular living area.

Living Room
Your room shape, not just the furniture, should dictate the rug size and orientation to ensure the space maintains a cohesive style, and doesn’t become too overwhelming by incorporating a rug that may be too large. Place the rug in front of the sofa – we recommend a rug that is approximately the length of the sofa, but be sure to leave a bit of exposed floor around the edges of the rug. If the rug goes under a coffee table, make sure the rug is large enough to rest under all four legs of the table.

Dining Room
Select a room-sized rug that allows enough room for all chairs legs to remain on the rug when comfortably pulled away from the table. Both the shape of your room and dining table should make the rug choice clear—whether it’s rectangular or round.

Place a large rug under two legs of the bed, making sure that the floor is visible all around the bed. The rug should extend at least 24” in length and width from the edges of the bed.

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