Inspired ceiling treatments

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

May 3, 2017

When people are decorating their homes, the ceilings are frequently treated as an afterthought, which is a sad waste of a space with enormous creative potential. The classic white ceiling is well and good – as everybody knows, it’s a simple way to make a room feel taller and airier. But when it comes to your ceilings, turning conventional wisdom on its head can produce effects that range from the subtly unexpected to absolutely show stopping.

Dark, moody walls are very chic, but consider a total reversal by pairing lighter walls with a dark ceiling. Surprisingly, this creates a warm yet elegant effect and causes your light fixtures to really pop. Trade in conventional matt finished ceiling for high gloss or metallic paint in a shade that complements or contrasts with the walls. Be aware that light colored gloss paint will tend to highlight any imperfections in the ceiling, so if the surface isn’t quite as smooth as you would like, go darker or brighter.

Another option, especially effective in sunrooms and enclosed porches, is to paint the ceiling a beautiful shade of sky blue. This look creates a wonderful sense of openness and has an amazing pedigree; in the old south, ‘haint blue’ ceilings were considered an effective protection against ghosts.

Take patterned wallpaper from the walls up to the ceiling for a look that’s completely over the top, or paint walls and ceilings (and wainscoting and trim, if you have them) for a 360 degree wash of color that, depending on the shade you choose, can be surprisingly relaxing. Can’t settle on one or the other? Try a striped ceiling paired with solid color walls in either a matching or a totally contrasting color — this fun style is especially suitable for nurseries and children’s playrooms.

Finally, if you’d rather stick with the white ceilings, at least for the most part, consider creating a three-dimensional effect with a cluster of tiles in your choice of color, texture or shape. Like a contemporary take on old-world ceiling medallions, the right tile pattern is sure to intrigue.

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