Industrial Design Style

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

May 11, 2015

If you were to ask almost anyone what they thought “industrial style” was they would probably use the word warehouse in their answer. Used in lofts, commercial spaces, and modern homes industrial style in its easiest definition is displaying building materials that other people are trying to hide. It is characterized by neutral tones, utilitarian objects, and unfinished wood and metals. In upscale interiors the effect can be achieved by using stainless steel surfaces, metal light fixtures and vintage furniture.

Key Traits of industrial style

1. Exposed pipes and ducts – how liberating it is for a builder to leave old beams, pipes and ducting when converting warehouses and factories into chic new lofts and homes. Some builders sell parts and old doors when doing the renovations and these look amazing when juxtaposed against sleek white modern interiors. Using industrial grey paint in a kitchen or main living space can mimic steel very convincingly.

2. Wood and metal surfaces used on the same piece of furniture. BDI Phase Shelf with metal uprights and wood shelves or the wooden Spyder Dining Table with a metal base are wonderful examples of this. Chairs or stools with a wood seat and metal base are also back.

3. Metal hanging lights – these look like they came right from the 1920’s and are just at home in a warehouse as they are in a sleek contemporary home.

How to achieve this look in your own space.

Seek inspiration – look at buildings In cities like New York, Boston, Toronto, Pittsburg – buy design magazines, use designer sites like Pinterest and Houzz.

Learn the materials to use – steel, iron, wrought iron, brushed nickel, copper and cast iron.

Add pieces to your modern home – use a large farmhouse style dining table as an island in a sleek contemporary kitchen, hang metal lights in a ceramic bathroom and buy accent pieces that have wood and metal on them.

Exposed brink walls – No brick walls in your home? Get creative and use wallpaper that looks like brick.  Some of the new papers are so realistic you will find yourself rubbing your hand along it convinced it is really brick.

Renovate your modern home – take up the floor and replace with concrete, expose pipes and use repurposed materials.  In cities where older homes are being demolished companies buy up the yellow or red brick used in them and they are available for sale.

Whatever the look you currently have know that you can go in 100% committed to industrial or drop in a single piece. Your choice – whatever you do have fun with it!

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