Impressively Irregular: Freeform Designs

In a world dominated by symmetry, right angles and perfect curves, few things can spice up a space better than unusual, organic, and irregular forms—whether a curious rug, odd table or warped mirror. Organic curves, asymmetrical shapes, and surprising forms can create focal points and add a dash of drama and a free, creative sense to a room. They balance rectilinear shapes, creating a sense of balance and visual harmony.

“Irregular shapes can balance out rectilinear elements in a room, creating a sense of balance and visual harmony.”

We’ve searched far and wide for stylish, unexpected, and intriguing pieces that break the mold and dare to be different.

Let’s start with the stunning Senator Dining Table. This one just screams bold, big, and unexpected. A truncated, rounded rectangular table top paired with an intriguing base that strays from the standard single post, trestle, or four legs which uphold the majority of tables. The gorgeous materials, complex shapes, and sheer size make this table a standout piece that can easily anchor a dining space.

On a similar note, we found the Rumors collection of coffee tables irresistible. The design is deceptively simple: a freeform tabletop intersected by leg supports which are all slightly angled for an inspired, creative look. With fabulous finishes like Flamingo Quartz and Tangerine Onyx for tabletops and three different tables ranging from low coffee table to tall end table, this collection covers the bases and offers a great accent piece.

The Caliban collection is a bit more restrained, formed with more regular curves and very traditional table legs. The smaller Caliban table features a symmetrical tabletop, while the larger table is a little less predictable. Plenty of finish options for the legs and tabletop make these tables versatile and easy to integrate into different spaces—they also pair oh-so-well with other rounded elements. Stylish, simple, and with its flowing lines, these tables exude a calm, sentimental mood.

Finally, we have the Orma and Aura rugs. These are classically organic and asymmetrical designs, with the Aura being shorter and more round, and the Orma more elongated. Either would be perfect for making a statement in a stale space. These rugs are available in soft and subtle colors to create a cozy, bohemian vibe.

Don’t be afraid to break up the solid and straight with a couple of odd shapes. Whether they’re inspired by nature or quirky geometry, pieces outside the norm can be very refreshing, and they work well as accents or anchors. Freeform furnishings can be challenging to use as too many irregular shapes risk creating a chaotic impression, but when used properly, they are evidence that the imperfect can be very impressive.

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