Illuminate Your Home With 2023 Lighting Trends

A new year signifies new trends. In 2023, comfort and warmth will continue to be a main theme in interior design, and lighting will play a significant role in creating this atmosphere. Natural materials, simple designs, and functionality will be key to lighting trends. Layering different types of lighting, such as floor lamps, wall sconces, and table lamps will be important in creating a cohesive and inviting space. Overall, lighting will be seen as an opportunity to express personal style and add visual interest to home interiors. Sklar Furnishings offers a wide variety of lighting fixtures in a range of sizes and finishes.

Geometry Takes Over the Serenity of Interior Design

Geometrical shapes in lighting and furniture design will continue to be popular in 2023, taking inspiration from abstract architectural installations. Futuristic lighting fixtures with simple geometric shapes and brass elements will be a symbol of modern design. This trend can be applied to a variety of interior styles, from modern classic to contemporary or mid-century modern. This trend will be a way to enhance the aesthetic and refine the interiors, giving them a new kind of energy and charisma. 

The Miami Suspension Lamp is a beautiful pendant lamp with a simple yet complex structure that reinterprets the opulence of American Art Deco in a highly contemporary style. The design combines the synergy of noble materials with playful geometry, providing a modern and minimalistic look. This elegant suspension lamp with architectural detailing and geometric elements will complement any living space.

Statement Pieces Balancing Aesthetic Appeal and Functionality

Statement sculptural lights will be another very popular trend in interior design, adding beautiful, artistic touches to a room. Statement lighting resembling organic shapes from the natural world will add softness and fluidity to interiors. Nature-inspired designs will continue to be popular, with oversized and extravagant light fittings taking center stage. These large and sculptural formations can help zone a cozy seating area and can establish a beautiful design statement while illuminating the space.

The Comete Chandelier is a luxurious and elegant statement lighting piece that combines style and modern design. It is produced by using exclusive Murano glass. The chandelier is designed to add a sense of whimsy and charm to any space, with a rectangular mirror-like structure that features pendant glass elements with LED bulbs. This chandelier will bring a touch of elegance and brightness to any room it is placed in. It will be a statement piece and a focal point of any room.

Retro Making a Resurgence

We will see a resurgence of Art Deco-inspired lighting styles with a focus on the more subtle details from the 1930s. The lighting fixtures will embrace nostalgia by incorporating retro flair. Soft scalloped edges, hints of marble, and mellow shades of rich chocolate and caramel-colored wood tones, reminiscent of 70s European style will become more visible. This trend can be incorporated into both period properties and modern settings, creating a unique element of contrast and a stylish mix of the old and the new.

The Twins Chandelier is a unique and modern lighting piece that features a chromed frame and transparent crystals that absorb and diffuse light spectacularly. Each frame has two arms that hold two bulbs that are cased in opaque white cups to soften the light. This chandelier has a horizontal design with a vigorous yet refined appearance. The transparent crystal arms and the light bulbs enclosed in opaque white cups create a dynamic and vertiginous look, making it a statement piece that will complement any interior design style.

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