How We Create Your Dream Space

By Sklar Furnishings

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April 15, 2020

At Sklar Furnishings we pride ourselves on having a diverse and skillful interior design team. Our team is a passionate group and through their amazing talent, have helped us serve and delight clients for many years and through many rewarding projects.

Recently, we have seen a shift in interior design work from redesigning individual rooms to working on entire residences. We feel this is part of a culture shift of people wanting to express themselves and explore more unique styles.

Unique, custom, beautiful—it’s what we do. Whether you’re thinking about redoing one room,or an entire home, we have the skills to make it happen and make it uniquely yours.

Our Process

When you come to Sklar Furnishings with a project, we start with the discovery phase, where we have a conversation to learn more about you. We ask how you’ll be using the home, whether it’s full time or a secondary home, if you’ll be renting it out, if you have kids or grandkids. Knowing your preferences and needs helps us create a design that’s unique, gorgeous, and functional.

After the conversation, we conduct research and begin creating design concepts to present to you. Once we have an approved concept, we move from the big picture to smaller details.

The next step is space planning. This helps us see what furnishings will fit your space, budget, and preferences. Now we work on aesthetics. We create a color story, pick materials, then select finishes for wood, fabrics, leathers, and all surfaces.

In the final phase, we pick accessories to accent your space: area rugs, window treatments, impactful lighting, and the artwork that will create the perfect impression. We can handle every aspect of the design project, through planning and execution.

Your Potential

At Sklar Furnishings, we’re serious about custom design. Our team is experienced and skillful. We have built up a network of suppliers and partners that allow us to create new and unique designs.. We do millwork, closets, furnishings, accessories—everything an interior (or exterior) space needs to be stylish, comfortable, and liveable.

Recently one of our clients had a condo and was concerned about the small dining area. We solved the concern by designing and implementing a banquette with seating for six without compromising the space. Another client had a tiny closet but she had a lot of accessories to showcase. Our eventual concept doubled her storage space while showcasing handbags and shoes—an out-of-this-world solution with gorgeous aesthetics.

Endless Capabilities

Sklar Furnishings can design for any client, and we’re proud to say we don’t have a minimum project size. From one room or closet to your entire condominium or home, we can help you get the look and feel you want that is expressly you!

Feeling inspired? Check out the full range of our design services, meet our team, explore your possibilities, and start planning your dream space!

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