How to Style Your Home Like a Designer

By Sklar Furnishings

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February 3, 2016

When you ask a designer about how they decorate their own home the first thing most of them will tell you is that they are constantly changing things up. Their homes serve as the grounds for experimenting with new trends and ideas before they are unleashed into the homes of their clients.

Due to the restless nature of the typical designer, certain elements in their homes need to lend themselves well to change, while others are in constant flux. Here are some styling tips that will help you make solid decisions when decorating your home, whether you’re trying out a new trend or making a longer-term decision for your decor.

White Walls – It sounds cliché, but having white or very neutral walls allows trending furniture, materials, patterns and colors to be mixed in with ease.

Mixing Prints – Poorly mixed prints are a tell-tale sign of a rookie gone wrong. While rules are meant to be broken, it’s easier to look like a professional if you stick to them. When mixing prints a rule of thumb is to mix the scale of the prints. If prints are too similar in size they compete with each other, which is difficult for the eye to take in. You should also go easy on how many colors you use, stick with three or four. Limit the number of patterns in a room to under five and distribute them evenly so that one side of the space doesn’t look heavier than the other. Mix in some solid prints to give the eyes a rest.

Keep an eye on the trends – Your profession may not be tempting you to try out every trend in the book, but experimenting with dashes of them will keep your home feeling fresh and exciting for you. Reading blogs and magazines is a great way to spark inspiration and zero-in on the trends that speak to your sensibilities.

Area Rugs – One common mistake many people make is choosing the wrong size of rug. Most people pick rugs that are too small. Here are some quick rules for how to pick the right size area rug:

  1. Measure your seating area and choose a rug that will be 6-10’’ longer on each side of the couch.
  2. If you have a big room and none of the furniture legs are touching the area rug, the rug is too small.
  3. If you have a smaller room and the area rug is sitting in the middle of the seating arrangement, between the pieces of furniture, that is okay – but make sure that the placement of the furniture legs is consistent. They should either all be on, or all be off the rug.

Greenery – Inject life into a room with houseplants and flowers. Just a dash in any space instantly adds more energy and vibrancy.

Don’t Be Shy – Conversation pieces add personality and charm to a space. Whether it’s a simple, beloved belonging, clever vintage find, or a piece of furniture making the statement, every room needs the personalized touch a conversation piece offers.


Images courtesy of Boscolo

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