How to Set Up Your Ideal Bedroom

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 5, 2020

The bedroom is where we start and end each day so it is important to make this space  comfortable and inspiring for our wellbeing. A bedroom that you don’t love can start you off on the wrong foot, so let’s work to get it right, and get the rest we need in a stress-free oasis.

There’s many ways to create a stress-free oasis.   Let’s focus on storage, sleep, and convenience.

Better Beds

Huppe’s Frida King Bed offers plenty of style and some surprising functionality. Solid wood legs run along the side of the bed and help create an regal look. The body of the bed is minimal, ideal for creating openness. The headboard is the showstopper, its pillows double as storage pouches and its shelter style sides create a sense of protection.

Conte’s Boiserie Bed is distinguished by its large headboard, making it a perfect centerpoint to create a unified atmosphere in the bedroom. Beyond creating a grand and peaceful impression, the modular headboard tiles also have a second purpose: serving like acoustic tiles to soften and absorb noise creating a more calming environment.

The bedframe is one thing, but your choice of mattress can also make all the difference. While there are many worthwhile mattresses available, we have to highlight the incredibly luxe and comfortable Harlequin Mattress from Literie Laurier, a motion mattress that doesn’t need a special frame or base, which has the mechanism built right in. 

Side Storage

While your bed can be a fortress of rest and relaxation, it still requires a few pieces of furniture in supporting roles to truly shine.

Trica’s Absolute line of functional bedroom storage ranges from a single drawer night stand to a six drawer double dresser. Stylish, with clean lines and plenty of potential storage, they’re absolutely ideal for creating an effortless, beautiful and well-organized bedroom environment. Keeping necessities close to your bedside means you won’t have to leave it as often. 

Jesse’s Icon Dresser and Nightstand are similarly stylish, with straight lines and minimalist profiles that can complement just about any style of room. Each offers plentiful storage to help you keep your necessities close at hand when you’re in bed. With a little technological flair like an optional integrated wireless charger, these bring a few concessions to the modern world to your bedside. 

Dreamy Bedroom

Making your bedroom a perfect place is worth some careful planning and selection. It can take time to get it right, but the result will be a better life. Storage is important in order to reduce and remove clutter, which is why we’ve highlighted some excellent storage options.

Functionality is important, but aesthetics and atmosphere can also do wonders for your bedroom. Creating a sense of openness or a sense of shelter, depending on your preference, can make a world of difference!

Take a virtual tour of our showroom, browse bedroom furnishings online, or come visit the showroom where we are taking every precaution to keep visitors and staff safe.

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