How to Prepare Your Home for Social Events

By Sklar Furnishings

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July 10, 2018

A lot of planning and thought process goes into hosting a social event. After all, it’s not everyday you open your home to your friends and family. There are a lot of things that go into organizing a great event – but ensuring your interior design is able to cope with larger groups, or even mingling in spaces that have traditionally been set up for other purposes, can put a strain on the flow and function of an event. We’ve put together some great tips for how you can ensure your home is party-ready so you can enjoy the event as much as your guests.

Multi-functional furniture
Multi-functional furnishings are some of the most popular pieces year after year – and for good reason, they’re dynamic and in a few quick seconds, allow you to modify them to meet your needs. The most popular of the multi-functional pieces are our extendable, or transformative tables. The Ozzio Transformable Dining Table is a great example of a contemporary extendable furniture piece. The geometric scrolling of the tabletops allows the table to quickly adjust to the size that you need in a very easy manner. The perfect practical and stylish solution for any number of guests that you host.

Extend the party outdoors
Even though South Florida is quite hot and humid over the summer months, it’s nice to open up your outdoor patio or yard to give your guests more space to mingle throughout the evening. Years ago it was acceptable to have simple patio furniture in your home, but with the huge advancements in material design, we’re seeing a smaller difference between indoor and outdoor furniture more than ever before. The South Beach Sectional is a beautiful multi-purpose outdoor furniture piece available for order from our Sklar Furnishings Boca Raton showroom. Placing bar carts with snacks, ice buckets, glasses and napkins outdoors is also considered a nice gesture, as it will keep your guests comfortable and engaged in the moment without having to excuse themselves for a refill. Verra Bar Cart is a must-have this season. It brings a timeliness design, all the while being very contemporary to match almost any décor.

Note: Don’t forget the outdoor lighting.

Go simple
Simple is always on-trend. Furniture pieces with minimalistic designs elevate contemporary spaces and a simple Oak Dining Table will give your living room a timeless charm, all the while being very easy to clean and maintain. Keeping your décor simple for an event requires you to pull some of your favorite design accessories away, but keep that show-stopper out – there’s nothing like a bold art piece to break an awkward segue in a conversation.

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