How to pick the right sofa

By Sklar Furnishings

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August 29, 2018

When it comes to picking the right sofa, there are a number of factors that you should consider. Oftentimes, once people get into the market for a new sofa or sectional, they follow a similar pattern of picking a style, then size. What we hope to achieve in this article, is to expand the way you approach buying a sofa, so that you’ll find that perfect fit for your needs. We love a great sofa at Sklar Furnishings and if we can inspire you to pick the right one to fit your interior design needs, and your personal needs, then we’d consider that a success.

Now, before you pick the style of couch, sofa, or for our Canadian friends, a Chesterfield, you need to determine where it will be going in your home. A living room sofa needs to be inviting, comfortable and have as much seating space as your room can comfortably manage. And for those who love to watch movies or binge-watch their favourite series on Netflix, a motion sectional such as the Verona Sofa Sectional by Chateau d’Ax will really provide a theatre experience. Alternatively, a foyer sofa will be more formal and structured, providing a brief moment of support or comfort for your guests coming or going. One of our favorites for this purpose is the Monti Sectional by Dellarobbia.

While we encourage everyone to browse the plethora of options online to narrow down their preferences, we always recommend buying a sofa in person. As with any expensive purchase, there are too many factors that might impact your purchase decision that can’t be adequately made without you being there.

Take seat height, for instance. Italian sofas tend to be lower to the ground than American ones, and for some, it may not be preferable to something that is a bit more elevated while others may be looking for a low and broad look that these can offer. Another dimension that’s important is seat depth, which can really influence how someone may like or love one model over the next. These are all personal preference measures, so what might work for some, may not for others.

While finding the right size for your needs is very important, we would also suggest finding the right size for your room is equally important. If your space will be filled wall to wall with a 10 person sectional, you won’t be able to enjoy the room as much as you would with a 7 person sectional. Having space for those people to manoeuvre freely will create a stress-free environment that’s welcoming and comfortable. We love that the American Leather Berkely Sofa comes in various sizes so when you find the right look you can customize the rest.

Above all else, find a sofa or sectional that speaks to your design style. A couch can be the perfect size, fit the room to the inch, and have all the necessary creature comforts that you could ever wish for, but if you don’t love it you’ll likely want to replace it sooner than you need to. Design is very subjective, and can be overwhelming for some. That’s why Sklar employs interior design professionals to guide our clients through the hundreds of options of styles, colors and fabrics to ensure everything works perfectly with the existing décor. Our job is to inspire our clients to narrow down to a small selection, then work through all the customization options to make the sofa truly their own.

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