How To: Make Your Home a Perfect Place for Relaxation

By Sklar Furnishings

How To Guides & Product Care

September 5, 2016

When work and life are hectic, we look to our homes to provide us with a calming refuge. But are our homes equipped for the job? Today, Sklar looks at ways to turn key areas within your home into more relaxing spaces.

If there’s one function a bedroom needs to perform well, it’s helping you unwind. We are excited to welcome a new design by the Montreal bed and mattress company Literie Laurier to the Sklar showroom floor, one that is sure to enhance your comfort. Their remarkable Harlequin Cirque mattress transforms any bed into an adjustable without the need to insert a bulky platform into the frame. Treat yourself to a full bedroom makeover, with beautifully coordinating pieces like Mobican’s Bora bed and Mimosa nightstands, or Nathan Anthony’s Elan bed, sectional and bench. When cooler weather closes in, add a faux fur throw or two as the finishing touch on a bedroom that’s perfectly cozy.

Living room
Build a conversation space with roomy sectionals, like the Lenox and Avery from Dellarobbia, and accent with swivel chairs like the Gina and Mila. The Chateau D’Ax Verona sectional and Bracci Zeus sectional both incorporate power recliners, letting you adjust your position without disturbing others. For those who prefer their seating arrangements a little more individualized, we have just received an exciting new selection of American Leather recliners, including the Demi, Eva, Fallon, and Elliott. Give the TV a home in a great media center, like the Mobican Cassia wall unit or Credencia buffet, and accessorize with a fun area rug, like Dellarobbia’s Wildflowers or Wander, available in your choice of custom color scheme. Speaking of colors…

The right color palette can make a huge difference to the feel of your home, conjuring moods out of thin air. For example, as the color of water and cloudless skies, blue has an obvious association with calm and relaxation. Decorate in blues with red undertones to make a room feel cozier, or opt for blues with a hint of yellow to cool it down. Earthy neutrals like brown, warm grey, and taupe can generate a warm and welcoming ambience. Green can also create an atmosphere of natural freshness and calm. Use several shades of green in one room to enhance its subconscious association with the outdoors. Finally, it may be wise to avoid energetic colors like red, yellow and orange if serenity is your goal.

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