How to Make a Room Look Masculine Without Seeming Like You’re Trying Too Hard

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 12, 2016

There are certain materials and colors we tend to associate with masculinity, especially in the home. If you place heavy emphasis on woods, metals, and dark colors you are almost guaranteed to have a room that looks masculine, but that doesn’t mean it’s well decorated and comforting like a home should be.

It takes more than a few drops of navy blue paint and chrome to give a room genuine charm and personality. Here are some ways to give a room a masculine look without seeming like you’re trying too hard:

Think back to what colors you liked as a kid: Color has a universal appeal and often the colors we gravitated towards as kids are ones we can find comfort in as adults. This doesn’t mean all the walls in your home suddenly need to be orange, but a pop of orange in a pillow, or stripe of it on a blanket will not only add a touch of pizzazz, but may just brighten your day,  like it did when you were a kid.

Think of a lake: A lake is one of the most masculine things you will ever witness in nature. Dark, calm waters, backed by forest and rocks. Sun drenched days, cool nights and the occasional thunderstorm. Try to draw these elements in. A classically crafted metal fan, weighty furniture, light fixtures and window coverings that allow for lots of light, houseplants, and warm, heavy fabrics like ultrasuede and leather all draw these elements in.

Seek balance: Aim to create balance and calm in the room by choosing a tight color palette and a mix of both heavy and light elements. Having repetitive elements in the room creates a steady rhythm and provides a sense of balance.

Moving on up: Recliners and loungers have always carried a masculine feel with them. These motion pieces are a centerpiece in any room and provide a sense of luxury and relaxation. There is no better example of this than the Tessa Motion Sectional and the American Leather Dean Theatre Sofa.

Images courtesy of KB Home, STUDIOMINT and Summit Homes Group.

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