How to keep your interior design style current

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 16, 2018

Oftentimes, our customers come to us looking to make updates or enhancements to their interior design style, or the layout of a room, but don’t always know where to start. Our interior design services program, staffed by trained interior designers and led by our Director of Design, is the perfect place to start.

We start by understanding the needs, desires and vision of our clients to appreciate what they’re looking to accomplish. For some, this is an easy process where they have a good idea of how they want to make changes, and we help them with selecting the right furnishings to achieve their vision. For others, they look to us to guide them through different options through discussion in our showroom, or even better as an in-home design consultation. We love working with our customers in the way that makes them most comfortable, and which would allow our team to achieve the best results.

So, when we consider the best ways to keep your home looking current and contemporary, we have put together our top 3 design tips for keeping your interior design up to date:

Sticking to neutral color palettes
This is often the best way to achieve flexibility of style within a room. By keeping the look neutral – leveraging whites, blacks, greys and beiges, we find that we can add in hits of color or styles that are a little more on-trend to give a visual update to a room, without changing large pieces such as sofas, sectionals, or dining tables and chairs, or media consoles.

Incorporating transformative furniture
This is a relatively old category that is benefiting greatly with the advent of technology in furniture. Even though drop leaf tables date back to the 16th Century, we’ve been seeing this trend come right back to the forefront with furniture that changes shape to fit the functional needs of the user, but also to adapt to the style preferences too. A great example of this is the Ryker Sofa and Sectional by CDG. The back of the sofa raises and lowers allowing for a sensationally comfortable resting position with the back up, and a more sleek look with the back down – perfect for those with a view of the beach or golf course. This allows for two completely different looks!

Consider your large investments on a long-term time scale
While this is inherently something people do when they buy big ticket or large investment pieces for their home, it’s worth mentioning that the more you spend on an objet, furniture, artwork or rug, that you consider if the style, not just durability will stand the test of time. At Sklar Furnishings, we specialize in contemporary, modern, mid-century and classic styles from the USA, Europe and Canda, but we always consider timelessness a virtue of great design. While we carry more progressive designs, colors and styles, we believe great design ages gracefully so when you look to update your style, you’re able to accentuate with accessories, or wall paint to achieve your new look.

These are just a few of the ways that you can update your interior design style, and with the help of our design specialists and interior designers, you can achieve anything your heart desires.

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