How to Incorporate Wall Art Into Your Home

By Sklar Furnishings

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January 12, 2016

When you think of wall art the first thing that may come to mind is the traditional painting. While this definitely falls into the category of wall art, many homeowners are beginning to broaden their approach when decorating the walls of their home. Today we’re going to tackle how to arrange wall art, and what items you may want to consider when hanging art in your home.

Many of us have begun incorporating gallery walls into our decor. The look, intended to be a procurement of art hung on one wall, is a true feast for the eyes. It tends to carry a more casual feel, but, depending on how uniformly or informally it’s executed, a gallery wall can vary from looking more formal, to downright whimsical.

For a more straight-laced and traditional approach to the gallery wall, the art must be framed in a uniform fashion. The more similar the medium, i.e. all black and white photos, the more formal the look.

To create a more whimsical gallery wall, consider choosing not just traditional photos, prints and paintings, but also some 3D elements (clocks, antlers, plates and mirrors are all easy-to-find, attractive options). The photos do not need to be hung in a linear fashion, and the frames can vary.

For a gallery wall that carries some whimsy, but isn’t too far out, stick with artwork and photos. When selecting art and frames choose pieces that are different sizes. You can use different frames, but choose matting in the same color.

A big trend that we are seeing emerge as the antithesis to the gallery wall is big canvases. They either are independently occupying the entire wall or hung side-by-side. This creates a big impact on the wall, saturating it with color and draws the eye up and down.

If you’ve got a half-finished gallery wall hanging in your home, have no fear. We don’t see this trend vanishing anytime soon. Many influential designers have incorporated the look into their signature aesthetic and if you love it, you should keep it regardless!

One favorite is a wall of plates arranged in a non-linear, arched shape. It has a great flow, and is completely unexpected. Another innovative approach is to use antique, hand-held mirrors to decorate the wall of a powder room.

Images courtesy of Emily Henderson.

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