How to Design a Multifunctional Guest Bedroom

By Sklar Furnishings

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March 8, 2019

Having a designated space for guests in your contemporary home is one of the biggest challenges that you will face when designing your house. Having a private and a well-designed space for the house guests is a must in every house, but not all houses are equipped to manage it well. Maybe there is no extra room to host guests or the guest room is not being used very often leading to waste of space. But there is an easy fix for both the situations – a hybrid guest room. A multi-functional or a hybrid guest room utilizes the space in one’s house smartly, so that the guest room can be used by guests and be converted into a home office or a workout space when not in use by guests. A multifunctional guest bedroom needs to be welcoming and have a warm feeling attached to it, all the while being functional for other needs.

Ways to make a guest bedroom more versatile for multifunctional use:

Maximize space with a sleeper or a sofa bed

A sleeper sofa or a sofa cum bed is a great way to accommodate sleeping area in tight spaces. A sleeper sofa when not in use also creates more room for other activities or functionalities. American Leather offers a huge variety of sleeper sofas which stretch out to provide 80 inches of sleeping space. The American Leather Lyons Comfort Sleeper and Pearson Comfort Sleeper are two examples of contemporary furniture units that are stylish and multifunctional in their approach. Decorating the sofa with cushions during the day and putting them away at night will also help in upping the style of the room.

Create a creative yet flexible space

If your guest bedroom will double up as your home office, workout space or a playroom, you need to make sure that the room doesn’t appear and feel like a corporate office or a nursery. Try playing with use of the different furniture units. The bedside tables can have multi-purpose too, one can be a console table to be used for work, and the other one for night-time storage. Rollo End Table is a beautiful contemporary table with storage capabilities.

Color and texture

Using soft colors in the guest bedroom makes the room even more welcoming. The pastel shades and the light blues and light greens give out the aura of relaxation and coziness amidst all the hustle bustle of life. While colors are important, textures play an equal part in creating a warm feeling of the room. Using soft linen, silk and chambray will go a long way in making your guests feel like home.

A bed wall unit

The On/Off Alcova Wall Unit by Tumidei is a gorgeous wall unit that is designed to perfection. It is perfect for spaces that serve multiple uses such as a guest bedroom, a living room with a small desk for a home office, or den which requires temporary seating options. The wall unit comes with an integrated bench, and storage, and is the perfect companion for contemporary styles.

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