How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends, How To Guides & Product Care

May 9, 2016

When many of us picture ourselves vacationing we imagine ourselves eating outdoors. Make everyday a touch more relaxing by enjoying this simple luxury in the comfort of your own backyard. One way to do this is by equipping your outdoor space so that you can effectively cook and dine outside.

Here’s how to transform your backyard into a space for cooking:

1. A BBQ: This is a no brainer, you are going to need an outdoor grill. When shopping for a BBQ look for an option that has built in counter space adjacent to the grill area. Many modern options also have a burner on one side, perfect for boiling or sauteing while your grill does the rest of the work. There are a ton of innovative and surprising options available for outdoor cooking (stone ovens, sinks, fridges) but even just a simple BBQ and a bit of counter space can take you a long way when it comes to cooking outside.

2. Cook your entire meal using the grill: The BBQ isn’t just for steaks and burgers. You can essentially cook every food group using the grill, and the best part is it’s quick and easy. If you’re in search of some new ideas outside the traditional hamburger, Pinterest is loaded with BBQ-based recipes.

3. A comfortable outdoor dining space: We are big believers that outdoor furniture should be just as comfortable and elegant as indoor furniture. In fact, most of the outdoor furniture in our showroom is chic enough to be used indoors, but has the durability outdoor living requires. Create a true outdoor dining experience by treating your backyard like a dining room. Whether it’s a chic bistro table for two, or a dining set like the Ella , which comfortably seats eight, the opportunity to relax and enjoy a meal outdoors increases exponentially with great patio furniture.

When picking great outdoor furniture choosing something full scale with comfortable cushions is key, for example, the South Beach Loveseat. It’s built-in tabletops mean you can lounge and snack without fumbling for a place to rest your food and beverages.

4. Lighting: Wining and dining in the dark is incredibly difficult. Extend the window of time you can spend outside with outdoor lighting. It not only provides the light you need to be comfortable, but also adds a ton of ambiance. An outdoor fireplace like the Equinox provides light and coziness, and almost guarantees you will want to stay outside longer. The fact that it’s built into a coffee table means that it performs double duty and will be appreciated during the day as much as the night.

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