How to Create a Rustic Luxe Look for Your Home

By Sklar Furnishings

How To Guides & Product Care

April 21, 2015

Rustic Luxury is a look we’ve continued to see iterations of for over a decade. If you were to describe this look in story form it would go something like this: Lumberjack meets city girl. She convinces him to move to the city and all he could bring with him were a couple pieces of furniture and his prized fur pelt. Together they create a home that brings together the best of both their worlds.

Both feminine and masculine, with a palette of browns, taupes, white washes and layered textures, this couple’s home brings out their best qualities. Here are the six items you need for creating the rustic luxe look:

Reclaimed wood furniture: Reclaimed wood furniture is a trend that speaks to many different styles of decor but is essential to the rustic luxe look. These impactful pieces are made from wood salvaged from old buildings. A farmhouse table immediately becomes the focal point when added to a room. For dashes of the reclaimed wood try a coat rack or a buffet like the Sorrento.

Metallics: This is where the luxe kicks into high gear. Metallics create the modern dimension of this look. Achieve hits of it through mirrored pieces like the Beveled Mirrored Desk  or through accessories like canisters, coasters and candleholders.

A traditionally inspired armchair: A piece like the Kartell Comback adds a touch of luxe refinement to the room. This classic separates itself from the more rustic pieces and the often hyper-feminine metallic accessories.

Furs: More luxury– this is what we mean by the lumberjack’s prized pelts. By no means do these furs need to be real to achieve the rustic luxe look. Add warmth and an extra dose of texture to the room with faux fur pillows and throw blankets.

Candelabra Chandelier: For lighting, here’s another classic piece perfectly suited to a rustic luxe room. The candles add a touch of romance and the metalwork of the fixture grounds the room. Second hand finds in darker or more aged metals add to the authenticity of the look, while high-gloss glam options create a modern statement.

Your favorite accent pieces: One of the best parts of this look is that it embraces eclecticism, creating the perfect opportunity for you to put your favorite items on display as part of the look.

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