How to Clean Light Fixtures

By Sklar Furnishings

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January 25, 2016

The quickest and most economical way to optimize the lighting in your home is to clean the light fixtures you currently have. It may seem daunting, but all it takes is some basic supplies and clever methods, which you can read about below. Your lights will be sparkling brighter than ever before!

Modern lighting often exposes the lightbulb, and when you clean it properly, it can give off up to 20 percent more light. The best way to clean a lightbulb is to wipe it with a soft cloth, if the grime on the bulb requires a bit more elbow grease, use a damp cloth, but don’t spray cleaning solutions directly on the bulb. Before removing a bulb from the light fixture turn off the light and wait for the bulb to cool off.

Fluorescent tubes should be cleaned using a damp cloth.

Ceiling fixtures are often very intricate and look like they’d be a nightmare to clean, but they aren’t so bad! Take the fixture cover or glass shade down and soak it in sink filled with soapy water. Before filling the sink, line it with a towel to protect the fixture cover from getting damaged. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the fixture cover. When drying the cover, a great trick is to lay it on a puppy training pad – the top layer is absorbent and the bottom layer is plastic, so excess water will remain contained.

When cleaning pendant lights you don’t have to remove any parts. Turn the lights off first and let them cool, then clean the outside of the pendant with a microfiber cloth and cleaning solution. Clean the bulbs with a soft cloth, and the extension rods and cables with a dry cloth.

To prevent dirt buildup chandeliers should be dusted weekly, but for a deeper clean, take the chandelier down and rest it on a table covered with a towel. If it’s a chandelier with dangling crystals, you can clean the crystals with a cloth dampened with either water, or a crystal cleaning solution. Make sure the crystal cleaning solution doesn’t come in contact with the metal parts of the chandelier as it could cause damage.

For lighting fixtures made with wrought iron you can clean them with a soft cloth or soapy water, make sure you rinse it off properly afterwards.


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