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May 13, 2020

Sklar Furnishings is officially open! We are so excited to work with you to create your dream space! We are taking great care to create a safe showroom, however if you are not comfortable we are happy to set up a virtual appointment or a private appointment for you. Let us know how you would like to work and know we are there for you!

While you were in quarantine you may have realized you need to organize! It’s hard to find a space or a place for everything. As we use our home spaces for other uses organizational shortcomings can become obvious.

Great organization beautifies the home and makes it more of a sanctuary. It also helps keep us sane! There’s many home organization projects that can have a major impact, but three great places to start are the bedroom, living room, and closets.

The Bedroom

The bedroom requires function and beauty in equal amounts. Nightstands and dressers add lots of storage and give a clean appearance.

For instance, the Classica Nightstand evokes an honest and uncomplicated aesthetic with three whisper-quiet drawers.

Classy Closets

When it comes to closets, whether they’re walk in or standalone, maximizing storage doesn’t mean you have to compromise style.

The versatile Huppe Gravity Wardrobe features a metal frame with wood shelves and modules that add storage and potential to add a desk or entertainment unit.

The graceful Tumedei Wardrobe Configuration 390 is an ideal addition to a walk-in closet, capable of transforming a raw space into an elegant one with plentiful storage and lots of customization options to suit your needs.

The Sipario Walk-in Closet creates both deep capacity for storage and a calm impression with its clean lines.

Living Spaces

The living room or family room is where we are spending a lot of our time lately. These rooms are often filled with media equipment and accessories we want to display. You can add beauty and reduce clutter with simple pieces.

The BDI Elements Media Console offers a clean and minimalist profile with plenty of storage and surface for accessories or equipment. The Enzo Media Storage Unit is uncomplicated yet modern, with two drawers and a nook with a fabric door that conceals media equipment without blocking remote control.

For books and accessories, the sumptuous and restrained Liber A in Fume Glass is a truly breathtaking way to add storage and organization, and a range of modules allow one to customize to their heart’s content.

Organize and Thrive

A well-organized home allows us to focus on living in and enjoying our spaces. Decluttering keeps us thriving! The pieces above allow for beauty, storage, and many opportunities for organization.

Don’t see your ideal solution? Our Design Team will work to help you figure out what you need to solve your organizational problems. You can always browse our options online or visit Sklar Furnishings showroom and see what storage and organizational masterpieces we’re showcasing!

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