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March 20, 2020

Recent events have emphasized the importance of the home office, a room that is likely going to be more important than ever. Whether you’re self-employed or working from home, an efficient and productive home office is a great investment. The best home offices are clean, spacious, and flexible—neatly defining a separate working space at home. 

With those qualities in mind, we have some amazing home office pieces that will help establish a productive, comfortable, and versatile working space.

Diligent Desks

A good desk is crucial for any home office, as it serves as your surface for working as well as storage for accessories. Ideally, a good desk fits your space and enables plenty of organization and storage, helping you reduce clutter and improve focus.

For those with more spacious home offices, the Modica Desk is an ideal and stylish option that offers a bit more real estate. Unique trestle legs, plenty of desktop space, two non-slip storage drawers, an open storage compartment, and a built-in wiring hub make this desk as functional as it is aesthetically attractive.

The Format Desk is ideal for smaller spaces, with a plethora of features that promote a well-organized, clutter-free office. Two drawers with non-slip inserts help keep contents organized in place, and a pull out keyboard drawer helps keep the desktop free. Magnetic front and back panels conceal wires while allowing easy access. 

Flexible Lift Desks

Lift desks offer the large work surface of fixed-height desks, but with the healthy option of using them as a stand-up desk, or simply adjusting their height for comfort. Lift desks use clean lines with minimal extensions, making them ideal for smaller spaces. They also have programmable controls to let you switch from seated to standing in a snap!

Simplicity and functionality blend seamlessly in the Sola Lift Desk, which features a gorgeous large solid walnut desktop, cable management grommet, and flip-down storage/keyboard drawer with a non-slip, mouse friendly surface.

The elegant Centro Lift Desk features no extraneous features at all. A satin-etched glass desktop pairs perfectly with powder coated steel legs to provide stability and a modern aesthetic, and a cable management slot reduces clutter. 

Charismatic Chairs

When you’re seated and working, getting the right support is essential. Good home office chairs ensure comfort while also supporting aesthetics. The Oakley Office Chair offers an ergonomic mesh back, headrest, and arm rests to keep you productive and comfortable. Meanwhile, the more minimalist Machiko Office Chair features a comfortable mesh back and adjustability, without impacting sight lines.

Keep it Official 

Your home office should help you be productive and comfortable. To do your best work at home, your environment should support focus and concentration. That means creating a good blend of functionality, flexibility, and aesthetics that help you establish your ideal workspace. If your home office needs upgrading, we’ve got plenty of options—so please explore our office desks and chairs online and connect with us virtually!

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