Holiday Gift Inspiration from Sklar

By Sklar Furnishings

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December 5, 2016

Love it or hate it, the season for holiday shopping is well underway. We’re here to make it a little easier to find the perfect gift for everybody on your list with our holiday gift guide.

Sculptor Alexander Krivosheiw creates abstract forms from bronze and aluminum with a sense of motion that makes them seem virtually weightless. His First Kiss Maquette is swooningly romantic and seems to express joy in each of its curves and flourishes. What better way to show a spouse or partner that they still make you feel lightheaded?

Inspired by penguins, the world’s favorite tuxedo-wearing bird, the Pinkwin manages to be both cute and elegant. It’s a delicate balancing act, but these sculptures, with their refined lines and hand painted gold detailing, pull it off with aplomb. Pinkwins are available in black and white, in small and large sizes, and with or without the large gold back pattern.

Colorful and humorous hand-blown glass sculptures by Poland’s Borowski Studio, depicting animals, people and wild abstractions, are sure to be appreciated by lovers of art glass. The motorist in this Small Glass Car is clearly in a rush to get somewhere — could it be your house?

Like a hug from afar, this Faux Fur Throw will lend comfort and warmth when you’re not around to do it. Richly textured and cruelty free, it looks spectacular draped casually over a chair back or across the foot of a bed in the winter months. It’s an ultra-luxurious throw for staying out late on the patio or curling up in front of a movie.

The Feathered Pedestal Bowl by Nima Oberoi is beautiful enough to stand alone as an art piece, but it also makes an ultra-opulent fruit or flower bowl. The silver bowl is supported by gold-plated feathers, and is part of the same collection as the breathtaking limited-edition Metamorphosis Bowl.

The crystalline Kartell Battery Lamp runs on USB power, making it a highly portable, easily recharged piece that can be placed wherever a little extra brightness is needed. These clever, quirky little lamps are available in clear, metallic and smoked finishes and look great on their own or in a set. They may look dainty, but their polymethyl methacrylate or acrylic glass construction means they’re tougher than you might think.

Music lovers are bound to appreciate the Uma Sound Lantern, which combines a gentle portable light source for outdoor use with a high fidelity Bluetooth speaker. The perfect accessory to evenings on the patio or by the poolside, the Uma Sound Lantern comes equipped with brightness and volume controls and is packaged in a protective cotton bag.

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