Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse

By Sklar Furnishings

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June 6, 2019

Mickey Mouse, the brainchild of cartoonist Walt Disney, recently celebrated his 90th birthday. The little mouse in red shorts, oversized shoes and white gloves is an icon of popular culture around the world. Mickey Mouse is a symbol of the Walt Disney Company along with being considered as one of the most profitable fantasy characters of all time.

Mickey’s friendly, fun, and optimistic personality has made him a favorite in homes worldwide. However, Mickey is not all about fun. The character also represents a deeper message for life, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” Such optimism has kept the character a favorite of many despite its age. It’s not just the kids who love this courageous and impulsive dreamer, but adults too! This timeless character transcends generations!

We all need a bit of Disney magic in our lives! As Mickey Mouse is the most popular and timeless character of Disney, he could add that nostalgic touch to your contemporary home. Mickey’s 90th birthday was met with such enthusiasm across the globe, people from the art, fashion, and design industries came together to honor the classic cartoon character through collaborations, exhibits and limited edition pieces.

As a part of Mickey the True Original collection released on Mickey’s 90th birthday, Elena Salmistraro, designed a Mickey sculpture featuring a ceramic body with painted details and gold finishing. The design is upbeat and energetic just like Mickey’s personality and it is depicted in his shorts featuring street art drawings alongside studded clothes and shoes. Elena transformed our favorite little mouse’s appearance with chromatic contrasts and glossy and matte effects. The sculpture was manufactured by Bosa, a company with a history of excellence made in Italy in the field of ceramics.

Sklar recently sold its only Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary sculpture. But seeing as our social platforms erupted with curiosity over this magical piece, we have ordered more Mickey Mouse sculptures for you to get your hands on. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram channels as we can only order a limited number of these pieces and they are sure to run out our showroom door!!

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