Grazie Milan: The Latest Trends from Salone del Mobile 2019

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

April 30, 2019

Once a year in the crisp month of April over 400,000 architects, designers, retailers and furniture enthusiasts arrive in the magical city of Milan to see what’s new and trending in the world of furniture and design. The Milan Furniture Fair has now become the number one fair in Milan surpassing the world-famous Milan Fashion Week.

Once again, we have had the honor of attending the 7-day event this year. In addition to searching for new products to put on our retail showroom floor in Boca Raton, we also took the opportunity to view new trends that will infiltrate furniture stores worldwide in 2019.

Upon arrival it was clear to see we had a fantastic week of exploring ahead of us, with new trends on show around every corner. The show was full of wonderful and exciting designs that captured the imagination. It was fantastic to be part of such a great week and among an audience so optimistic about the furniture industry and the future of design.

Trend #1: Channeling in Upholstery
Some pieces had subtle touches; others were overcome with this elegant design. One thing that was consistent, anything channeled is incredibly comfortable!!

Trend #2: Canary Yellow and Pink
This color took us by surprise. We had been told to expect green everywhere and although there was some, the two main colors on show throughout the event were canary yellow and pink. These colors were not just accent colors, but encompassed entirely on main pieces of furniture. More evidence of the positive vibe present at the show. Blue was an ever present but hey, who doesn’t love blue?

Trend #3: Banded Tables
Accent and dining tables were banded with various materials. It might be wood, brass, metal or leather. The band was mostly flush with the table but there were some instances of the band being raised which portrayed the look of a tray.

Trend #4: New Marble
Every year there seems to be a new marble and this year did not disappoint. In my opinion, it is the most beautiful marble that I have ever seen. White with a cream and black focus, the design is quite architectural looking. It has so many of today’s prime decorating colors and will work with almost anything.  

Trend #5: Benches
Large and fully upholstered, benches were on display as seating arrangements in living rooms. Gone is the single use bench tucked at the foot of the bed, these benches are very much part of the living area. Settings were frequently matching sofas, a pair of chairs and then the luxury bench to fill in the fourth side. How perfect for us in sunny South Florida with our golf courses and water views, we do not want to hide.

Trend #6: Use of Leather and Fabric
Single use of leather or fabric on a piece of upholstery or dining chair is declining. Leather in general seemed to be decreasing and the luxury brands tend to use spectacular fabrics instead of leather. This is definitely not a cost saver as many of the fabrics price out as a leather.

Many of the sectionals on show had a fabric frame and the seating in leather or a single detail somewhere of the alternative fabric. This gave a softer yet rich feel to the product and we saw this trend throughout the furniture fair.

Trend #7: Bunching Tables
The bunching tables and ottomans of the past were still prevalent but over the course of the week two further trends emerged. Often, tables were joined together to become one but looked like several. The variety also seemed to reach new heights with ottomans of all shapes and sizes, in fabric or leather, mixed in with banded tables of wood, metal or glass. There seemed to be no end to creativity and choice when it came to bunching items in the living or theater rooms.

Trend #8: Lazy Susan
Tables were shown with inlaid lazy Susans. They were infused so tastefully that it enhanced the design of the table rather than take away from its look. On some occasions the lazy Susan was raised and could be removed, but those tended to look dated after viewing the new inlaid versions.

Trend #9: Rounded Shapes
This is the third year that we have seen the softness of the rounded back on sofas, sectionals and occasional chairs. It gives a feeling of warmth and coziness to a contemporary look. The rounded portion tends to hug your back, contributing to fantastic comfort for you and your guests.

Trend #10: Technologies
This one should come as no surprise but the use of growing technologies was very visible in a lot of booths and with many manufacturers. From the gimmicky use of Alexa in operating your reclining chair to manufacturers utilizing glass to apply various fabrics and make it look like a high gloss lacquer finish. We were blown away!  

Trend #11: Lighting Art
This last trend features as it is the 30th edition of biennial Euroluce, the International Lighting Exhibition. This exhibition can take a full day to explore but since we pride ourselves on our unique stunning lighting, we were very interested in covering it all. The lighting that attracted us most were the ones that looked like pieces of art, being LED, URL compliant and functional all goes without saying. The attraction for us was all about the artistic design. Watch out for it at our Boca Raton showroom, we ordered a lot of lighting!

There are many wonderful reasons to go to Milan in the spring for this fair. For us at Sklar Furnishings it keeps us up to date with what is happening in the Design capital of the world and allows us to bring these new and exciting designs to you, our valued customers.

Please plan to visit us soon and “Come See What’s New”!

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