Giving Back to Boca Raton

By Sklar Furnishings

Giving Back

June 10, 2020

We are happy to announce that we are open regular hours! We’re following all CDC guidelines to create a safe environment for our Team and our Guests, and remain ready to adjust to changes as the restart phases continue.

Shopping locally owned businesses has become more important than ever. By shopping locally you are supporting your community, through jobs, reinvestment, and sustainability.

Shopping Local

During the pandemic, you may have heard a lot about making sure we support our local businesses. This is very important, not just for keeping the community healthier during but also after this pandemic. When your spending is through large multinational companies, very little of that money will make it back to our communities. This can have a lasting effect in terms of employment opportunity, livability, and city funding.

As a smaller locally owned company, we can more easily ensure a sustainable supply chain, and we can also keep our carbon footprint small and pursue green environmentally friendly practices. Local businesses are usually good neighbours who give to local causes and charities, and get involved in local issues. In short, local businesses can be much more accountable to their communities than multinationals.

We care about our Community now, and in the future. We want to support it and make it strong—we live here and use all the wonderful resources that are available to us.

Good Neighbors

Sklar wants to be that good neighbor and we are donating 2% of all qualifying purchases from our Spring Sale to the YMCA of South Palm Beach County to fund their youth relief daycare for essential workers.

We are also proud to consistently support the community on many fronts; by donating to and working with worthy causes. These causes include Habitat for Humanity, the Junior League of Boca Raton, The Rotary Club, Our Local Food Banks, the YMCA of South Palm Beach County, and our Military. We also plant a tree for each piece of wood furniture sold, to the National Forest Initiative,we have planted over 5,000 trees!

You can learn more about why and how we support various causes here, and about our commitment to sustainability here.

Here for Boca Raton

We consider it our responsibility to be accountable to the community that makes it possible for us to be a local business owner. We accept this responsibility and are proud to live, work and support our amazing Community!

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