Get Timeless Style in Your Home by Studying Classics and Developing Your Own Tastes

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

March 15, 2016

While changing up the look of your home each season is fun and something we recommend, there are classic staple pieces that can serve as anchors of timeless style in your home.

Having classic furniture, base palettes, and crafted items as basic pieces in your home allows you to experiment with trends and your own evolving style more freely. Moving accent pieces in and out is much easier when you have fixed elements of your decor that you are happy and confident with.

Gaining a sense of your own personal style is the most integral part of building a lasting look for your home. If your home doesn’t satisfy your own sensibilities then there is nothing timeless about it. Finding common themes and threads about what you like and what you don’t will empower you to make decisions that lead to a well edited space. We suggest homeowners flip through magazines and Pinterest boards for inspiration and encourage them to gather ideas from more abstract sources like movies, music and books.

Interior design is international, and every region has decor staples that are considered classics. Combining classics from around the world can help create a cohesive and well thought out space. We’ve composed a list of regions influential in interior design and some of the classic elements associated with them. We encourage you to mix and match your favorites for a look that resonates with you.

Scandinavian style: The Scandinavian design philosophy is defined by the history it is rooted in. It emerged after WWII and is built out of the belief that everyone should have access to quality pieces that make their homes both comfortable and beautiful to live in. Classic Scandi style invites light into rooms and serves as refuge from dark, cold winters. Homes typically have white walls, which act not only as a brightening agent, but as an excellent base for switching up a home’s decor. It allows cheerful accent colors, often found in their rugs, artwork or fresh flowers to really pop.

France: Take a cue from the French and indulge in alternative neutrals. Blue and white folk patterns are treated like a neutral in France and are seen in everything from upholstery to dishes. They demonstrate a powerful versatility while simultaneously providing a cheerful punch of color.

Italy: Italian interior design classics are perfect for modern homes because of their clean, soft lines and geometric inspired shapes. The American Leather Graham Sectional has a look very reminiscent of classic Italian furniture, despite being an American brand.

Becoming confident with the classic, fixed elements in your home will help build a base for you to develop your own personal style. This will allow you to create an aesthetically engaging space that you love. Happy styling!

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