Get the Look: Minimalism

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

April 7, 2016

Interior design fashions come and go, but minimalism is a classic style that always looks fresh. To the uninitiated, minimalism can seem intimidating, and one common question we hear from clients considering a minimalist look is “where am I supposed to put all my things?”

Fear not! Minimalism’s simplicity is exactly what makes it so livable.

Minimalism defined – First conceived in the 1960s, minimalist style is all about reducing design to its essentials, stripping back clutter and unnecessary ornamentation in favor of quality materials, treated with respect.

Furnishings – A key concept is to organize your room around a few large and spectacular items, rather than many small ones. Think the giant Fifty Bookshelf or the spacious Luxe Sofa and Ottoman set. Clearing the surrounding space will ensure the spotlight falls on instantly iconic feature pieces like the Lotus Shelf by Karim Rashid or the Naked Chair by Giovanni Tommasi Garantini.

Find creative ways to store or hide those items you don’t use on a daily basis. Use a wall unit to store books, trinkets and electronics. The beautiful Quartz Buffet offers storage as well as a large surface for serving food and drinks, and is a great example of a designer bringing forward the innate qualities of natural materials.

Opt for pieces that serve multiple functions, like the clever Fusion Dining and Pool Table. or the Edison Bench, which serves as a seat, ottoman or cocktail table.

Artworks – Minimalist art is boldly colored and non-figurative; again, aim for quality, not quantity, with a few show-stopping pieces. For inspiration, see the acrylic Liset and Topazia sculptures.

Making it work for you – Create a sense of spaciousness with un-patterned walls, natural light, and void or negative spaces. Think geometry, clean planes, and simplicity. When natural light is unavailable, opt for elegant lighting solutions – like the silk-wrapped, organically shaped Liana S. Ceiling Light. After all, minimalist doesn’t have to mean cold!

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