Get The Look: Malibu, The Hamptons and that Beachy Aesthetic

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 8, 2018

Sweeping views of the ocean, waves gently lapping as a warm sea breeze softly blows mounds of dune grass, how does one bottle these sensations and put them into an interior design that feels real? A year-round, seaside retreat can be created at the cottage or in the city, it’s just a matter of capturing certain aspects of the serene Malibu vibes or soothing essence of the Hamptons in the décor. Learn how to bring the lure of the beach aesthetic into your home with these ideas.

Consider The Color
Light colors are key in keeping a room light and breezy. Usually a muted palette like calming white, tans, and other monochromatic schemes inspired by the natural elements found at the beach or coastal surroundings are a good place to source inspiration. A light palette is also a safe place to start for those who are hesitant about using color to begin with.

Add Texture
Ocean, dune grasses, melting ice cream and sand, each of these have a different texture, and texture is an important element in any room. For example, wood flooring is a key part of the Hamptons look while linens, sisal and wicker add an easygoing, coastal feel reminiscent of a charming seaside cottage.

Choose The Right Furnishings
Beyond color and texture, it’s necessary to choose furnishings specific to the location one is looking to mimic. The Camden Sideboard  by Ozzio Italia is the perfect example of a contemporary piece that’s crafted with high quality materials, yet has the rustic driftwood appeal that very much aligns with the beachy aesthetic. Not only does it serve the Malibu style but it’s practical in storage.

Another addition could be the Guapa Rocking Chair  by MIDJ. Ideal for those long mornings spent lounging and reading, this is a great example of modern seating with enduring function. We love the open, curved netting back which adds to the light and airy look.

Simple pieces that suggest ‘calm’ is at the center of this look which makes the Viva Cocktail Table  by Mobican a worthy contender. The combination of glass and wood highlights that the simplicity of less can bring more to a design. Subtle touches of glass enhance the coastal appeal and will surely bring your look to life, even if the beach is miles away.

Recruit The Experts
If you’re not sure how to piece together wicker, linen and washed wood then consider the expertise of a professional can make all the difference. Our Interior Designers at Sklar are experts in uplifting client’s lifestyles through practical design and timeless style.

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