From the Showroom to the Bedroom

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 12, 2020

From the Showroom to the Bedroom

The bedroom is where our days start and end making this an important sanctuary from the business of life. So, how do we decorate this oasis to get the most out of it? We’re glad you asked! We are always updating our showroom bedding to show-case the new now next of contemporary styles that will help inspire you to beautify your bedroom!

We tried to maximize the impact of each style, and show a variety of approaches that can be taken with everything from shapes to textures. Our goal is always to stay contemporary and show a range of on-trend possibilities.

Beautifying the Bedroom

To create perfect bedding for your luxurious bed, the best thing to do is to have it custom-made At Sklar Furnishings we are able to source custom bedding to give you the textures, colors, and patterns that match your style.

In our Showroom we use sheets, throws, and comforters to compliment the beds, and we always introduce a little contrast as well. For instance, topping a white sheet with a black throw or cover is a classic and stylish combination, but on a light pink bed it creates a complimentary effect.

On another bed, we are using a blue throw that has an intricate pattern in gold to add visual interest. There’s no shame in keeping your style simple, but small and interesting touches can make your bedding timeless.

The garner a classic look for your bedroom you can use calm and serene colors. We achieved this with primarily silver, grey, and cream with some touches of beige. Silver patterns on silky fabrics add some shimmer for a luxurious impression.

Pillows are also an excellent way to complete a gorgeous setting. You can use complementary or contrasting colors, patterns, and textures to build a mood. Mixing up shapes and fabrics, and introducing a few colorful or patterned pillows, can add a lot of style to your bedding.

Styling Your Sanctuary

The bed itself plays a huge role in your bedroom, once you have that right the next thing you need is the right bedding and accessories do the most when you’re improving the aesthetics of your bedroom. Making the right choices can make a room brighter, more attractive, or simply more luxurious. Think of your bed and bedding as a focal point for how you style the entire room.

Small changes like pillows and throw blankets can be combined with larger changes like comforters and sheets to create the perfect impression that expresses your style, and creates a relaxing oasis of peace that you can be proud of.

Our showroom showcases contemporary beds with on trend bedding. Come visit our showroom and work with one of our Designers to create your own sanctuary.

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