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Fabric upholstery is a great way to introduce splashes of color and pattern in a space. Leather gets a lot of attention, but there’s serious advantages to textiles. They open a wide range of style potential: popping patterns, different textures, and bold colors are part of the deal. Beyond visual appeal, fabric breathes, making it more comfortable in warm conditions than leather.

With all the upsides of fabric upholstery, it’s no wonder that designers often have vast catalogues of options. There’s no greater canvas for the fun potential of fabrics than the large surfaces of sofas, so let’s take a look at three great sofas and the fabric potential of each!

Ayton Sofa

The Ayton Sofa has a ravishing design with curvaceous and retro elements that create a distinct and pleasing impression. A modular design makes this sofa very customizable, but as it’s a Borzalino product, there is a massive amount of material customization as well.

When it comes to fabrics, Borzalino has a large catalogue that covers hundreds of patterns, textures, prints, and weaves that can really make the Ayton a bold centerpiece. The Labirinto-1 multicolor chevron pattern in the featured photos is a perfect example of just how visually rich fabrics can be. The Ayton sofa’s large cushions are a great showcase for fabrics, and are extra eye-catching when paired with a leather frame.

GranTurismo Sofa

Reflex’s GranTurismo Sofa is an homage to everything that makes the Italian automotive sector so renowned and admired. Strong and forceful lines, graceful angles, and light embellishments make for an impactful design, made all the more flexible by a modular and customizable design.

While you may be tempted to complete the automotive effect with leather upholstery, the large and nearly uninterrupted surfaces of this sofa are ideal for bold solid fabrics, different textures, or even the glitziness of crushed velvet upholstery. Much like a paint job on a fine sports car, fabric on fine furniture can create wildly different impressions to build a complementary—or contrasting—effect.

Ikon Angolare

The Ikon Angolare Sofa from Il Loft presents a linear, angular profile and plenty of surface area to show off fabric finishes. With its straight lines and generous proportions, this couch is capable of anchoring a room or embellishing a style.

Il Loft’s selection of fabrics is impressive and covers strong solid colors, bold textures, and many truly ravishing patterns that make this sofa even more striking. We get thrilled thinking just how a thick woven fabric, gentle gradient, or abstract pattern would look on the Ikon!

Fab Fabrics

Leather gets a lot of love, but fabrics open a lot of possibilities. If fabric is in your future, Sklar’s just the place. Even if a vendor doesn’t provide the fabric you want, we can customize furnishings with fabrics of your choice—if you want to mix and match, we can do that too! So don’t be shy, furnish with fabric!

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