Focusing on Accent Chairs

Something as deceptively simple as a chair can have a great effect in making a space brighter, bolder, more fun—and of course more comfortable. Accent chairs are a great addition to the contemporary living space, and around the home as well. By creating a focal point, an accent chair adds elegance and sophistication to a space, enhancing or even tastefully contrasting with your aesthetic.


Upholstered in fabric, velvet, or velour, an accent chair can really spice up a room with primarily leather furnishings. And why tuck it away? An accent chair in or near the middle of the room can give it a very attractive dynamic, and provide an ideal place to lounge and relax. We’ve got just the chairs that can accent your spaces!

Accentuate and Invigorate

The Airstrike Girevole is a big, bold, low chair with a swivel base that makes a strong visual impact. Its rounded contours are a great counterpoint to angular furniture, and excellent complement to softer shapes. Supremely comfortable, with cozy upholstering and a spacious seat, plus a wide range of color options, this large chair makes quite the impression in any space.

With a low-slung, wide base, rounded arms, and gorgeous leather upholstery, the Spider Armchair makes for a very unique accent chair. Inviting due to its size, this armchair is equally eye-catching due to its sleek styling, top-quality materials, and unexpected flourishes such as the upholstery which spills down the arms.

The Love Armchair is a very unique design that is very reminiscent of a loveseat—and accurately named, as it comfortably seats two. An open, round design makes this chair an excellent centerpiece with an enchanting presence, while a frame with steel tubing and leather straps is paired with pillows to provide an unconventional backrest. Great for lounging solo, or cuddling together, the Love Armchair is a bold choice that can stand by itself and add visual spice to the living room.

The Lock Chair is a stunning chair with a very simple, minimalist design. A single loop closed on itself and a broad swivel base are the only structural elements, but they provide both a deceptively comfortable seat and an absolutely ravishing design. This surprising design is a surefire way to delight the eyes and add bold form to a space.

With comfortable upholstery, a rustic style, and a steel and leather strap backframe, the aptly-named Cocoon Armchair is a delightful chair for nesting and lounging. With its swivel base and overstuffed elements, this design catches the eye and creates a very inviting, intimate atmosphere.

The Spark

Don’t be afraid to put a chair front and center! Accent chairs can be the spark that brings a room to life. With such a variety of forms and styles, your options are endless. If you’re feeling inspired, browse our selection online, take a digital or in-person tour of our showroom, or contact us to get started finding the perfect accent chair for you!


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