Five Reasons Why We Adore Wall Units

By Sklar Furnishings

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August 31, 2016

Wall units are a home decor trend that offer up major points both in terms of style and utility. Here are the top five reasons why we think they’re a worthy addition to any home.

1. Display your favorite items with ease
Whether you’re a slave to chachkies or have a few beloved items you want on display, a wall unit offers up the perfect opportunity to incorporate them into a room’s decor and really show them off.

2. Become a quick change artist
It’s easy to get caught up in keeping things the same, but even slight changes to your environment can make things feel refreshed and new. A wall unit really encourages this as it easy to re-arrange items by taking them on and off the shelves. Many homeowners catch themselves changing things up every time they dust the shelves.

3. Make use of vertical space
The vertical square footage of a home is often under-utilized. By lifting things up off the lower quadrant of a room, you not only free up living space, but also draw the eye upward, making the space appear taller and therefore bigger. This is especially useful in smaller homes where square footage needs to be used more wisely.

4. Display your T.V.
Blending the T.V. it in with your space can be a great way to integrate design and function, and wall units are really effective at doing this. Many models like the Cassia Wall Unit leave enough space for a T.V. to be installed, and when the shelves beside it are adorned with items, the television tends to blend in more with its surroundings.

5. Create storage
By opting for a piece with deep shelves like the Aleal Sliding Wall Unit which also has open and closed shelving (so do the Semblance Bookshelf and Online Wall Unit) you create ample storage, while taking up minimal space. Often times customers who once complained about having not enough storage now have extra thanks to cleverly designed wall units.



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