Five Moods for the Fifth Wall

Sconces, mirrors, and paintings are excellent ways to dress up the four walls of the home. But what of the ‘fifth wall’? Often underestimated and overlooked, the ceiling is a natural place for lighting, and the right fixtures there can hold together a room or give it identity.

Pendant and hanging lights can spice up your ceilings like nothing else, which is why we’ve assembled five stellar fixtures to bring new life to your fifth wall.


The Gold Moon Chandelier is made up of many individual lamps topped with reflective metal foil shades. Individually, these organic forms are gorgeous, but in concert they create a dreamy and ethereal effect, like a golden canopy frozen in the last night of day.

With its larger than life impact, the Gold Moon Chandelier is a great anchor for large spaces like foyers or atriums. It’s a work of art that illuminates its surroundings and delights the eye.


PostKrisi is a suspension lamp with a split globe, each fiberglass half fringed with a frost-like pattern of shards that creates a dramatic effect. While the design lends itself to being a centerpiece, this lamp’s neutral color makes it equally complementary to different styles and a flexible addition to nearly any space.


Reflex Angelo’s stunning use of high quality Murano glass elevates the Astra Sospensione, granting its unassuming form an extra impact. A glass cylinder flared at the end, embellished with engraved rings, and fixed with a single spotlight, this is a very geometrical lamp with no extraneous features. Clean and definite lines make this an ideal fixture for calming chaotic spaces, and it can be used alone or in groups to maximize its effect.


Who said beauty has to be complex? There is strength in simplicity, and the adage is amply proven by the Ala Lampada, a pendant lamp with a very pure design. The symmetrical, smooth curved glass shade, combined with a strip of LED lights, make this an ideal dining room light and equally well-suited for an open countertop. While it’s definitely minimalist in design, this light is an effective addition to most other styles.


With a relatively simple form of concentric hanging circles studded with LEDs, the 56 Bijoux creates a spellbinding effect at night while still contributing to the beauty of a space by day. Ideal for any large space that needs light, the 56 Bijoux adds a dash of sophistication without crowding out a space or style.

Fabulous Fixtures

The right lamp can transform a space, introducing new moods to complement or contrast with established aesthetics. The ceiling is a particularly ideal surface for light fixtures, offering maximum impact and many styles.

If you want to dress up your fifth wall, we’ve got just the fixtures. Browse our lighting selection online, stop by the showroom, or give us a call to find out how to make your space shine!

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