Fabulous Floral Furnishings

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 28, 2020

Happy Floral Design Day 2020! The natural colors and forms of flowers have inspired humans for thousands of years. For much of human history, the boldest profusion of shapes and color were expressed by the wildflowers around us. In art from all over the world, floral motifs have been used to symbolize beauty, health, and love.

Floral Design Day is celebrated on the 28th of February each year and honors the contributions of floral-inspired design, its purpose is to highlight the value and variety of floral-inspired design and art. This national day was created in 1995 by Massachusetts governor Bill Weld to honor Carl Rittner, founder of the Rittners School of Floral Design.

In the home, floral elements can brighten a space and introduce some lighthearted beauty and levity to create a more cheerful atmosphere. Here’s six gorgeous examples of floral-inspired design in furnishing to inspire you!

Flower Armchair

A combination of color and irregular form make the Flower Armchair an amazing example of floral-inspired furniture. The back and arm rests are similar to petals, and a free range of choices for upholstery can make this chair bold and bright or restrained and serene.

Ninfee Wall and Ceiling Mount

With bold floral glass shapes on a mirror backplate, the Ninfee Wall and Ceiling Mount adds a lovely burst of texture of form, color, and brightness to a room. Especially suited to warmer climates and environments, this fixture evokes the forms of coral and sea plants.

Prismatic Rug

This Prismatic Rug uses a neutral palette of natural colors to create a peaceful and calm impression. An abstract floral pattern creates visual interest and invites a closer look, while helping to create a contemporary and cool atmosphere that can liven up a dull space or calm an overactive one.

Kartell Usame End Table

Industrial design and floral elements can coexist—and gracefully, as the Usame End Table demonstrates. A gingko pattern embedded in translucent plastic adds an enchanting natural touch, plus a wide selection of colors make this super-functional table ideal for elevating spaces from the living room to the bedroom.

Daisy Ottoman

This colorful collection of ottomans uses simple forms and solid colors to great effect to create a cheerful and uncomplicated impression that is both functional and beautiful. We’re focused on the floral, lobed design, but the variety of possible shapes and colors echoes the same variety found in flowers and plants.

Happy Days Floor Lamp

These wonderful lamps possess organic forms, wreathing light in opaque silk for an amazing visual effect that creates warmth and whimsy in equal amounts. These elegant and uncomplicated lamps are wonderful for filling large spaces with an inviting glow.

Blooms of Style

Floral designs can infuse a room with energy and visual interest, building a focus or elaborating a theme. We hope these examples have brightened your day and inspired you to give our showroom a visit, or simply sparked some ideas for your home or office!

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