Fabulous Floor Lamps

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

November 17, 2020

Fabulous Floor Lamps

Floor lamps have always been a great way to bring light into a room. Now they have become pieces of furniture and can help to elevate your style. We love that they are easy to move, easy to place and can help elevate the aesthetics of your room.  

Good lighting makes spaces more inviting and comfortable, and great design makes lighting unforgettable! Many floor lamps create a diffuse or scattered light that adds a warm glow to a room, others provide more direct and are perfect next to a comfy reading chair.

Our floor lamp collection is superb, including some unique and artful ones from inventive and cutting-edge designers. Some of the following floor lamps are works of art in their own right.

Aqua Creations

Inspired by natural forms, Aqua Creations create lamps that are really like works of art. For example, the breathtaking Mimosa is inspired by the structure and connectedness of neurons. The less abstract ToTeM provides cool minimalist style with a dash of utilitarian design.

Reflex Angelo

Hailing from the island of Murano, Reflex Angelo use famed Murano glass in their lamps so you know it’s quality through and through. Their Gran Canal is an exquisite lamp with a classical base in glass. The stunning Lucciola’s glass core and mirrored base create an unforgettable presence, plus potential utility with an optional side table addition.

Cattelan Italia

Cattelan Italia’s modern and distinctive designs include some beautiful floor lamps. The dramatic sweep of the Little Flag is an ideal fit for a reading nook or contemporary living room. Meanwhile, the Thriller lives up to its name, with fine lines and an intriguing architectural style.

More Floor Faves

Lladro’s unmistakable Night Bloom is resplendent as a floor lamp, with its intricate ceramic petals pairing perfectly with an unadorned steel base.

The Light Stick F by Catellani & Smith is a truly avant garde design, a wonderful example of minimalism that can fit anywhere. A thin metal rod provides illumination, proving that a slight presence can have plenty of impact.

Arterior’s Roosevelt is classic design with a twist, bringing to mind Gilded Age style as interpreted by more modern sensibilities. At first glance, this lamp could simply be a recovered antique, but closer inspection reveals pleasant surprises.

Illuminating and Invigorating

Good lighting breathes life into any space, and well-designed lighting makes that space unforgettable. Whether you’re reading, playing board games with the family, or simply unwinding after a long day, lighting can make a major difference for your mood and energy. Lighting makes a space cozy and inviting, or serene and restrained, and can support and complete the impression begun by other furniture.

Floor lamps are a key part of creating a lighting setup that’s ideal for you and your space, but also building a specific mood and aesthetic. From understated and restrained lamps to bold and avant-garde, we’ve got just the floor lamp you’re looking for!

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