Exceptional Sofas for the Holiday Season

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 11, 2019

Sofas and sectionals are enjoyable year-round but they really shine during the holiday season, when the bustle and activity make sitting and relaxing so attractive! Having a cozy afternoon on the couch with some loved ones and hot beverage or by yourself with a good book is what this season is really about!

Sofas and sectionals are the anchor and heart of any living room. They make a house feel like a home, offer generous seating for loved ones, and help establish as social and relaxed atmosphere. Quite often it’s the sofa or sectional which is the most used piece of furniture in the living room, so making the most of it is important. A clunky sofa can close off a room and make it feel smaller. The pieces we’re showing today are perfect for maximizing both the seating and creating an open concept in a room.

Mellow Sofa

Koinor’s Mellow sofa is a wonderful piece with a very stylish design that’s as comfortable as it is beautiful. With a number of colors available for the upholstery, this couch can blend seamlessly into any room. We love the graceful curves and almost architectural design of this sofa, and it’s quite comfortable as well! Elegance and timeless style are always a winning combo.

Anderson Sofa

The Anderson sofa from Ditre combines spare and clean lines with plenty of seating. Folding headrests allow you to make the most of the situation, whether you’re casually lounging or having company over. We are huge fans of how substantial this couch is without being bulky—there’s a fantastic balance between size and presence that keeps this large sofa from overtaking a room, while still being a strong anchor.

An Il Loft Trio

Il Loft has designed many wonderful sofas and sectionals, so we’d like to quickly highlight three excellent choices.

Free Spirit is an absolutely breathtaking sofa, with curved and straight variants available. The organic shape of the pillows frame plenty of seating space and add a homey, comfortable, and cozy touch.

The Fly sectional combines lively design and classic comfort to create an impression of elegance and playfulness, making it an ideal focal point for an active and busy living room.

The elegance of simple and effective design makes the Mercury sectional a standout. Sitting low to the floor, this sectional leaves plenty of open space above it, allowing sight lines and light to flow freely, while still offering plenty of seating.

Get comfortable

The right sofa or sectional is the anchor of a well-appointed living room. The examples we’ve explored today combine comfort and design to enhance the sociability and atmosphere of the rooms they’re in, they represent the epitome of what living rooms should be. In this season when guests and family are visiting, or when we’re recovering from being busy, there’s nothing like the relaxing coziness of a sofa.

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