Evoke Baroque with Gilded Wall Coverings

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

June 4, 2015

One of the most prevalent trends of the last few years has been wallcoverings. As people are becoming increasingly open to and excited about incorporating textured walls into their homes, we are seeing more intricate and elaborate designs emerge to become feasible options for the home.

Gilded wallcoverings are some of the most opulent offerings we have seen out in the market. It is a look heavily influenced by previous eras of interior design. Riffing off of the Baroque Period – a label given to late 16th century Italian architecture that later spread throughout Europe and Latin America during the 17th century, it influenced all aspects of design and art. Characterized by its grandeur and drama, gilded gold was a mainstay of this look and heavily used on walls and furniture. Many of today’s wallcoverings (both gilded and non-gilded) feature Baroque patterns characterized by images of flowers that are both highly symmetrical and elaborate.

Prime examples of Baroque-influenced wallcoverings were exhibited at the Maison & Objet show in Miami. The design show, known for presenting smaller, independent brands and its wide selection of textiles, featured gilded works from Ulgador. The wallcoverings were hand gilded and the paper backed on silk. Many iterations of the trend were displayed, with gold leaves popping against matte backgrounds, as well as full-on gilded papers featuring copper leaf.

Gilded wallcoverings definitely make a statement and can truly transform the look of a room. There are several ways you can incorporate this trend into your home, using both pieces you already have, or by combining it with other emerging trends.

One of our favorite materials to mix gilded wallcoverings with is marble. We are seeing it used everywhere from furniture to fashion. Marble patterned textiles are becoming increasingly popular in both fashion and interior design, while marble itself is becoming a mainstay material in modern furniture. For an opulent look that is current, incorporate gilded wallcoverings and pieces featuring marble (it’s heavily used for tabletops) into one room.

It’s a term that comes up repeatedly on this blog, but the mixed modern eclectic look is a prime example of where to use gilded wallcoverings. The drama of a gilded wallcovering combined with reclaimed wood pieces like the Sorrento Buffet allows you to experiment with different kinds of trends at once and create a room with a balanced and modern feel.

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