Embracing Sustainability: Kartell’s Stylish and Timeless Designs

At Sklar Furnishings, we believe that sustainability is not just a trend, but a fundamental responsibility. That’s why we are proud to feature Kartell, a brand that shares our commitment to the environment and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable future. Kartell’s overall sustainability message, “Kartell loves the planet,” resonates deeply with us and aligns perfectly with our values.

Building a Better, Stylish, and Timeless Future

One of the core principles of Kartell’s sustainability approach is developing products using innovative industrial techniques that minimize their impact on the environment. Their dedication to offering stylish, well-made products is matched by their determination to uphold the age-old culture of beauty that defines Italian manufacturing. Kartell has embraced the circular economy, making it central to their environmental sustainability processes. They understand that a Kartell product is not only timeless but also designed to be treasured, occupying museum spaces and becoming part of collectors’ assets.

Kartell’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond their products. They prioritize the well-being of people by ensuring that their objects are environmentally friendly and hold certifications that confirm their low level of emissions. This dedication to environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained in the brand’s DNA and is evident in their “Kartell loves the planet” mission, an industrial manifesto that highlights their focus on sustainable practices.

Kartell’s Sustainable Material Innovations

In recent seasons, Kartell has expanded their use of traditional materials by embracing innovative projects that incorporate research and innovation into materials and production processes. They have specific sustainability messaging around various materials, including wood, bio, recycled materials, and polycarbonate 2.0. Each of these materials showcases Kartell’s commitment to sustainability and their dedication to finding creative and eco-friendly solutions.

Here are some of the standout products from Kartell’s collection that exemplify their sustainability efforts:

The P/Wood Chairs are a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainable and stylish design. Beautifully blending the timeless appeal of wood with the modern touch of chrome, the chairs result in a stunning and versatile seating option that effortlessly enhances any space.

The Componibili Bio series features versatile and stylish storage units made from bio-based materials, emphasizing Kartell’s dedication to eco-friendly production.

Componibili was first introduced in 1967 and has become a timeless furniture classic. These modular elements were designed to meet a variety of needs and fit perfectly into every room of the home.

The Masters Chairs are made from recycled materials and showcase a fusion of iconic designs, celebrating both sustainability and creativity. By choosing the Masters Chairs, not only do you bring a touch of artistic flair to your space, but you also contribute to the sustainable movement by supporting the use of recycled materials in furniture production.

The Loulou Ghost Kartell Chairs embody the perfect blend of modern aesthetics and sustainable design. The use of polycarbonate 2.0 not only lends a contemporary and sleek appearance to the chairs but also ensures their durability and longevity.

Created in partnership with Illy and utilizing unused coffee pods, Kartell’s Re-Chairs not only represent sustainable design but also promote circularity by upcycling materials that would otherwise go to waste.

Kartell’s partnership with Illy and their use of recycled coffee pods in the Re-chair collection is a shining example of their dedication to finding innovative solutions that benefit both the environment and society.

We are proud to support a brand that prioritizes sustainability, embraces innovative materials and production processes, and fosters a culture of responsible design. Together, we can make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable and beautiful planet.

Kartell products are available at Sklar Furnishings in a range of colors and finishes. Contact us today to find the one that best fits your style.

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