Easter is the Ideal Time to Take Advantage of 2016’s Budding Trends

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Styles and Trends

March 9, 2016

Our favorite thing about spring is the refreshing colors associated with the season. We adore the pastels and welcome the extra infusion of bright, saturated colors into the home. One of the first excuses you’ll have this year to infuse these cheerful palettes into your home is the Easter holiday.

Flowers are one of the most joyful ways to celebrate the season, so consider fresh cut blooms and foliage when decorating for Easter. We’ve outlined some gorgeous 2016 floral trends you may want to consider.

Trending florals

For the last few years petite, round and symmetrical bouquets have been trending. You cannot deny the beauty of this look, but if you’re seeking for something trendier, then it’s time to get wilder.

It sounds like a dinner menu, but modern bouquets are all about fresh, seasonal, locally-grown blooms and foliage. These bouquets sort of look like you went into a field of wild flowers on a warm summer’s day, gathered up your favorites, and placed them in a pitcher at your kitchen table. Their shape is very reminiscent of the cascading bridal bouquets we saw in the 1980’s but with less white and green, and more color.

The color combo of the moment is raspberry and blush. Looking forward though, bouquets with contrasting colors like purple and yellow are going to become increasingly popular.

The best way to get the undone look is fresh from your own backyard, but that’s in an ideal world. If you don’t have anything available, go to your local florist and get flowers of different sizes, mixed with foliage. Placing them in a wider brim vase or jug will allow them to fall in a more free fashion, mimicking this season’s undone look.

Photo courtesy of Olivia Kwarda Tuivaga and Bedford Brooks


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