Designing your Bedroom Oasis

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 15, 2018

A bedroom is a special place in a home, and when it comes time to designing your perfect vision of one, it’s important to consider all of the roles it must play; it’s not just form and function, but for a bedroom to be truly fabulous, it must do more for you. Our interior design services team love designing bedrooms because when they’re done to perfection, they’re truly remarkable features of a home. Just think about the times you take friends and family on a tour of your new or renovated home – which room did you show them last? More often than not, it’s the master bedroom. These rooms finish strong, and have a natural gravitas that can evoke an emotional response.

This is because at its core, a bedroom serves the most fundamental purpose of a dwelling; to provide shelter, warmth, and a safe place to sleep. Don’t get us wrong, we love living rooms and kitchens, but when we get to the core of it, a bedroom can make all the difference in your daily, and nightly life.

Here are some great things to consider when thinking about remodelling or refurnishing your master or guest bedroom.

Set Yourself up to Stay Organized

This is the most important advice we can offer: no matter the size, shape or layout of your master bedroom, ensure you have the appropriate types, and quantity of storage to suit your needs. With custom closet cabinetry widely available, you should never rely on just a dresser and closet to keep your wardrobe tucked away. The same advice is relevant for nightstands as well. While we always look to accessorize a room with a gorgeous nightstand like the Icon Dresser from Jesse, it is imperative that they are functional for your needs, and has a slight amount (or great amount, depending on how much you read) of storage incorporated into the design.

Ensure it is Tranquil

Once you have your organization and storage needs settled, the next thing you should think about, is how to bring a level of piece and tranquility to your space. Neutral, or slightly cool color tones have a wonderfully calming effect. Proper window coverings are also a must-have item. We love these wonderful Pirouette sheers from Hunter Douglas that provide privacy, but also let beautiful natural light shine through during the day. At night, you may wish to incorporate a more robust, blackout blind or shade to cut down on the ambient light for a perfect nights sleep.

Make it Comfortable

It’s impossible to have a perfect nights sleep without the right bed. We carry Magniflex mattresses because we personally love the quality and materials they use to provide a supremely soft, but supportive mattress. And to place a mattress such as that on top of a bed such as the Boiserie Bed by Conte, and you have a recipe for the ultimate nights sleep. And if you’re anything like us, having a padded, Nubuk leather covered rails and footboard on a bed means no more bruised shins as you try to cut too close to the side of the bed when making it. Trust us, this is a feature you don’t want to overlook.

Find a Great Statement Piece

And finally, you shouldn’t neglect having something completely eye-catching and inspiring in the bedroom. This can take the form of artwork, sculpture, a fantastic chaise, bench or sofa. Our personal favorite at the moment is the Faux Fox Cylinder from one of our amazing local vendors. After all, feeling inspired in a bedroom can lead to many great and beneficial outcomes.

By incorporating elements from the above into your design vision when the time comes to creating your own bedroom oasis, you’ll be in a great position to having that perfect end to your home tours, and the greatest possible feeling when your head finally hits the pillow.

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