Designing for the Sexes

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

September 16, 2015

No modern trend better speaks to designing for both the sexes than mixed modern eclectic. This blending of genres, trends and styles allows for true collaboration of tastes so that everyone’s favorite pieces can make their way into one room. We’ve compiled a list of pieces that exemplify today’s mixed modern eclectic sensibilities to suit the inclinations of both sexes.

In fact, many of the pieces sold in the Sklar showroom embody both the softness associated with femininity and the harder, clean lines and fabrics associated with masculinity. A perfect example of this is the American Leather Parker Sofa. Its masculine, chocolate leather fabric and geometric rectangular shape, combined with the softness of tufting, exudes a gender-neutral look. Other options like a charcoal fabric and ultra-suede offer both the neutrality and comfort everyone in the family can enjoy.

Try mixing an item with more masculine lines together with a feminine print . The American Leather Hugo Swivel Chair photographed here features more structured lines, yet the fabric  in a classic black and white herringbone print is reminiscent of patterns often found in both menswear and womenswear. Softening the look by adding a softer fabric and print is always a great option. Pink is a color often associated with baby girls, but it has a soothing effect on both the sexes.

Many accessories and the vast majority of hardware items will commonly feature a metallic finish, adding a touch of panache to almost any room. Pieces with a softer finish or curvier lines (reflective of the feminine physique) like the Calimero Lamp, will take on a more masculine look in a steel or chrome finish.  Warmer metallics likes brass and gold tend to exude femininity, so opt for those if you are looking to add some girlish charm to the space.

The most important thing to keep in mind when decorating the home is that we all want the same thing: comfort. If you can create a space that you and your partner both find relaxing, regardless of how masculine or feminine it is, then you’ve struck true balance in the space.

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