Designing a Master Suite

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 26, 2014

Couples often find themselves stumped when it comes to decorating a bedroom to fit both their tastes. Luckily, today’s eclectic mix-and-match style for furnishing a home lends itself to creating a master bedroom that reflects everyone’s personal style.

Here are three simple ways you can achieve this look:

1) Nightstands do not have to match.

This is one fun way to reflect each partner’s personal style. Everyone likes to load up their bedside table their own way – and the bedside table you choose is allowed to reflect this! The minimalist who has an alarm clock and a single book can choose a nightstand like the Zen with less storage. While the magazine lover can choose a piece like the Shade Nighstand to store all the issues they have on the go.

Mismatched bedside tables can be especially helpful in smaller bedrooms where you want to maximize space by using furniture that serves multiple purposes. The Nap Nightstand is a narrow dresser that can be used to store garments on the inside, while the table top portion can double as both a traditional nightstand and a vanity by hanging a mirror on the wall above it. Perch on it the items you need for your nighttime and morning routines, and you’ve got a very functional nightstand.

If you’re going for a sleeker look, you can still make mismatched nightstands work by using pieces that have the same finish and color but are different shapes.

2) Bring masculinity and femininity into one piece

Tufted headboards tend to carry softer lines. By finishing them in darker fabrics with cooler textures like the Shaw Bed in faux leather, more masculinity can be infused into the piece. If you choose a bed with more masculine lines, it can be warmed up with feminine bedding. Feminine patterns like florals can be made more masculine by selecting them in neutral tones.

3) Mixing materials

Your bedroom set doesn’t need to be made up of matching pieces. By mixing genres of items like a bed from the Catalina Set and the Andy Nightstand , you can create a look that reflects each partner’s tastes.

It can be easy to tie in His & Hers pieces to the bedroom without having it look like a mismatched disaster. Surround yourselves with hits of style that make you happy and comfortable. If only sharing the bed was as easy as sharing the design!

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