Designer Spotlight: Wiktor Borowski

By Sklar Furnishings

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December 4, 2019

Glass is one of the most interesting materials—resilient and yet fragile, it can be fully transparent or intriguingly opaque. It’s challenging to work with, requiring high temperatures and a keen understanding. To master the creation of glass art requires patience, determination, and a well-honed craftsman’s approach.

Glassworking Legends

Glasstudio Borowski is renowned around the world for their lines of vibrant glass sculpture, statues, bowls, lamps, and vases. Founded in Poland by Stanislaw Borowski and his two sons Pawel and Wiktor in 1990, Glasstudio Borowski produces unique handmade glass art and accessories. Stanislaw has gained accolades since the 1970s for his work in glass art—his masterpieces can be found from Germany to Japan in galleries, museums, and design houses. His sons Pawel and Wiktor are also accomplished artists in their own right.

The pieces created at the studio are inspired by the Borowski style, a unique approach to glass art that emphasizes bold colors and unexpected shapes. These handmade pieces, which the public can purchase, are based on the one of a kind works of art the Borowski family has created over the years. Their collections allow a wide audience to get a

The Borowski Style

The Borowski style of glass art takes much of its inspiration from natural forms, especially animals. Where glass art naturally leans towards floral or abstract representation, Borowski pieces demonstrate there is greater flexibility in the medium. Paired with the exploration of materials and animal forms is the use of bold colors and unexpected shapes, to consistently delight and surprise the eye.

This approach can be seen in the unique Chameleon decorative bowl, a bold piece that uses a small palette of colors to great effect. From the whorled tail, spiralling into infinity, to the open mouth, an almost causal mastery of glass blowing, sandblasting, etching, and design.

The Rhino outdoor statue reveals another side of the Borowski style: the mixing of mediums. Combining metal, glass, and electric light creates a truly whimsical and unique statue that can light up a garden both literally and figuratively.

Consider the Owl, a patient and capable animal. With these characteristics, the owl is not unlike an artist working in glass. In this piece, Glasstudio Borowski creates a playful rendition of the owl that functions equally well as a vase or can be left empty as a decorative accessory. The mottling of the glass is especially beautiful if allowed to catch natural light at certain angles.

Meet the Artist

We’re glad to be able to offer the fine handmade works of Glasstudio Borowski, and honored that Wiktor will be in the Sklar showroom on December 15, 2019, to speak about his approach, sign pieces, and discuss glass art with us. Interested? You’re welcome to come by—and if you can’t make it, you can always explore the Borowski pieces we offer online!

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