Designer Spotlight: Utopia & Utility

Utopia & Utility is an exciting designer whose mission is to enrich life through beauty. As their name suggests, they have high goals and strong values, and their artisanal pieces are proof that they can reach their ambitions.

In the decade since their founding in 2012, Utopia & Utility have created many remarkable pieces, with a focus on decor accessories such as vases, bowls, and other vessels. Their design style is a bit esoteric and combines unlikely materials into interesting forms. Their artisanal approach means that all their pieces are handmade, and no two are exactly alike. 

With an approach that stresses sustainability, all their materials are carefully sourced, such as wood bowls produced in partnership with a retired farmer in Finland. The goal is to make the luxury of a remarkable and beautiful piece sustainable and accessible. We’d like to show off 4 stunning pieces that demonstrate their approach.


Artisanal & Amazing

We start with the Scarabee Stacking Vessel. Available in multiple glass types from smoky to amber, this teardrop-shaped vase incorporates glass, wood, and copper elements in a continuum of form, with the copper and wood capping the vase body. Whether it’s used to hold flowers or simply standing by itself, this piece elevates a space and catches the eye.

The Butterfly Stacking Vessel is a bowl form wrought from hand blown glass, raku ceramic, topped by wood. The most distinct element is the raku ceramic lid on top of the glass, which is carefully glazed, fired, and cooled to create a pattern of cracks unique to each piece. With each element contributing to a very distinct whole when stacked together, and a wonderful ensemble when taken apart, this versatile piece creates an unforgettable impression.

Careful craft is central to Utopia & Utility’s pieces, and the deceptively simple form of the Heiki Bowl. Starting with a freehand blown glass vessel, which needs to be formed and drilled carefully to later fit the wood handle embellished with brass wire, the Heiki is a very unique and distinct piece with many visually engaging color options.

The Bloom Stacking Vessel features a broad base topped with a hand-turned wood lid that follows the broad, slow curve and caps it with the rough-edged textures only lumber can provide. Whether used by itself to accent a surface, or as a flower vase, the Bloom makes an excellent addition to the well-appointed space that needs an artful, one-of-a-kind addition.

Distinct & Divine

Guided by the values of tradition and sustainability, with a focus on unique and artisanal pieces, Utopia & Utility certainly achieve their goal of enriching life through the creation of beauty. We are big fans of their approach and their output is so unique and distinctive that we can’t help but be inspired by the potential in each piece.

With the many mirrors we have on offer, we’ve got just what you need whether a gorgeous piece of decor or as a stylish functional piece.

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