Dark & Stormy – Create a High Impact Elegant Room with Dark, Moody Walls

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

February 16, 2015

Olive green, deep plum, charcoal grey, black, navy blue, marsala– what do all these colors have in common? They are trending right now and can set the stage for a dramatic look in your home’s decor. Though the idea of painting a room dark may seem intimidating, a few quick tips on how to infuse this trend into your home without it being too overwhelming may have you Googling for new paint colors before you know it.

Here are five ways to make a dark color work on the walls of your home:

1. Mirrored Furniture and Accessories:

This is absolutely important in a dark room. The reflective quality of mirrored furniture allows light to bounce off of it and add brightness. Mirrors tend to trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger as well. The Psiche Mirrored Buffet is a perfect example of a piece that can add loads of light to a room with its wide panels of clear mirrored glass.

2. Contrast is Good

To keep a dark painted room looking crisp and fresh, make sure the wood trims and ceilings are painted white. Pops of color are key in dark hued rooms and this can be added with something as simple and purposeful as a shelf holding books, which tend to vary in color. Fun accessories like the Pop Sofa  are the perfect sort of item in a dark room as they add a touch of playfulness but are toned down by the moodier setting.

3. Highlight the Ceiling with Light Fixtures

A wide and eye catching light fixture like the Logico Triple Linear in white, blends in with a white ceiling and draws the eye upwards, making the ceiling appear higher.  Darker rooms tend to feel more confined, so drawing the eye upwards with smartly chosen lighting can make all the difference.

4. Artwork for Big Walls

So you’re not overwhelmed by too much dark color coming from one wall, choose paintings in vibrant colors to encourage a sense of liveliness in the room. Gallery walls are also a great option in these spaces.

5. Don’t Avoid Small Spaces

Listening to all the advice surrounding how to make dark painted rooms look bigger might cause you to put down the paintbrush in the powder room, but it shouldn’t. Dark colors work well in smaller rooms, with the ability to give them increased depth, especially when accessorized correctly. If you follow the above tricks and the room has some natural light, then it makes a great candidate for dark walls. It may just become your most favorite and coziest space – so don’t be afraid!

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