Creating Studious Spaces for Your Little Ones

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

September 1, 2020

With the full details of the upcoming school year still uncertain, this isn’t a bad time to think about how your home is equipped for studying and learning. Whether your child’s school is going online-only, in-class, or some hybrid, you can help them succeed and thrive by creating a quiet place at home that supports learning.

It’s important to keep young scholars away from traffic and distraction, out of the living room and kitchen and in a space where they can do their homework in peace. We’re blessed with a climate where kids can go outside most of the year to comfortably study or read, but having an inside space is equally important. Creating a studious space isn’t difficult.

Studious Furnishings

The Jesse Stage Dresser Desk is ideal for both living and studying in the bedroom. A functional combination of two pieces of furniture, this dresser/desk unit features a very clean and neutral design that helps impart a calmness to any space, plus it’s roomy enough for big projects!

The Jesse Day Wall Unit is a hyper-functional wall unit that works in the living room or bedroom and has potential for alcoves and out of the way spaces as well. With a contemporary design and modular elements, this unit can be configured to make the most of out of any space and features a desk and many storage elements to make the organization easy.

The Aramith Billiard/Dining Table is a unique piece we included because of a colleague who told us she would reward her kids for finishing their homework. She put this table in the games room and once her kids were done with their work, she would reward them by letting them play a game of pool. Not a bad idea!

If you’re going with the above idea or any other idea, something like the BDI Centro File Cabinet is a perfect addition to a study space. With a sliding printer shelf, filing drawer, and two storage drawers, this file cabinet supports a tidy, productive, and organized space.

Once the day’s studying and learning is done, kids need to relax just like we do after a day’s work. We recommend something really comfortable like the Himolla Aura Chair, a stealth recliner with lots of color options that’s sublimely comfortable, and great for the whole family.

In Support of Focus

Making the most of our spaces is a good way to deal with the uncertainty of this school year, and making sure young scholars have a space dedicated to studying is important every year. This is a great opportunity to find and develop a separate space for uninterrupted learning. 

Creating a flexible space that converts for learning during the day, and converts back at night is another great option. In any case, it’s a space that’s not just handy and healthy for kids, but for anyone who needs a peaceful, calm space to focus.

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