Creating Home Hubs

Though many trends for home interiors were initiated by the pandemic’s stay-at-home orders, hubs may be the most useful. Home hubs are purposefully designed areas that offer the separation needed to focus on work or study, but which can also be used for relaxation.

What makes home hubs attractive is that they reclaim separate uses for the home and allow it to fulfill our changing needs. Hubs are best supported by flexible and multipurpose furnishings that can quickly pivot when the purpose of a room change, and can support the normal open plan home once the crisis is over.

Flexible Surfaces

Whether your intent for a hub is play, study, relaxation, or work, having a collection of surface options will prove helpful, and a dash of style never hurts either!

The Amerigo Coffee Table is a wide, low table with solid metal construction. An attractive bronze finish and plenty of surface space make this an ideal table for relaxation or even play.

Versatility makes the Haven Small Office Desk a great option. With a dynamic form, spacious top, and small footprint, this desk can easily do double duty as a stylish console around the home when it’s not supporting work or study.

The Rollo End Table is a great choice for home hubs, as its wheeled design makes it easy to rearrange. A very nifty form and design make it useful for relaxing or working and allow it to roll in close to where you are.

The American Leather Uno Ottoman is an interesting piece that combines mobility and convertibility—as a footrest, seat, or small coffee table. Though it offers only a small surface compared to a desk or dedicated table, sometimes that’s all we need.

Sensible Storage

Good shelving storage is a useful component of creating hubs, as it can help to establish a sense of separation that’s key to hubs. Additional storage and style is never a bad thing even when we no longer need hubs!

The all-glass construction of the Quiller Libreria Uto Balmoral creates a transparent barrier between areas, which can be filled with books, boxes, plants, and decor elements to create an effective screen.

Screening with openness is also easy with the Arches Shelving Unit. Floating shelves and metal elements create a gorgeous presence and form a screen once filled with your favorite items.

The Haven Bookshelf offers a more substantial screen than the two options above. A wooden back pairs a solid barrier with the openness of shelves that extend just beyond.

A Simple Recipe

The pieces above are a small sample of what can create hubs. Between flexible surfaces and sensible storage, it’s easy to build a screened-off and peaceful hub that supports your needs.

If you’re looking to create a multifunction hub and don’t know where to start, please give us a call or come by the showroom, we’d be happy to help you build the home hub of your dreams!

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