Creating and Designing the Perfect Dining Room Setting For Your Condo

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

November 8, 2020

Captivating Condo Dining

Condominiums are a great way to have a worry free living space, but they do not always provide a dedicated space for a dining room or the room provided may be tricky to work with. In today’s world having a space for dining has become very important. 

In condominiums it is sometimes hard to map out where the dining area should go and what should go in it. If having a dining space is important to you, you may want to create it in another area that you had not thought about, perhaps a flex space or even an extra bedroom. 

Terrific Tables

The dining room of course revolves around a great table!  When choosing the right dining table it comes down to what shape you want and the space you have. You can choose from many shapes; square, circular, rectangular or oval. Extendable tables provide a great solution for smaller areas, as they can be opened when you have guests and stored tightly away for day to day. 

For pure impact, the Splendor Dining Table is an excellent choice. A gorgeous metal base and large wood top lend this table an impressive, even stunning presence with plenty of room for dinner guests.

Thel Empire Dining Table features hardwood legs, metal frame, and a top in various materials including red oak or etched brushed glass. A classic design combines with modern materials to make it stylish and restrained. An added bonus—it comes with extensions!

Splendid Storage

Consoles, sideboards and buffets allow you to store extra dinnerware, decor, accessories, and cutlery for those dinner parties. There is a huge selection available, but one thing to remember is that we can customize to the half inch, so if one doesn’t quite fit, don’t hesitate to ask us to fix that!

The Westin Console features a low, airy, and minimal design that’s perfect for supporting plants or flowers, decor accessories, and candles. With a classic hardwood top and angular metal base, it’s an amazing addition to the dining area.

The Impact Buffet is a striking example of how avant garde design can blend seamlessly with functionality. Plentiful storage is built in, and the decorative fissure that unites them gives this piece its beautiful presence.

If storage and openness are a priority, something like the Lago Air Unit can be ideal. Mounting it on the wall opens up the floor, and the aesthetic blend of solid and transparent is visually enthralling.

Dazzling Dining

We have one final note about flooring: if your dining room has a gorgeous hardwood or marble floor and you don’t want to hide it under a rug, that’s fine! Just keep acoustics in mind—sound can bounce off a ceramic tabletop and the marble floor—luckily canvas paintings or fabric on the windows can dampen the noise.

Living in a condo shouldn’t limit your dining room—there may be some hard choices to make, but if you love a gracious and inviting dining space, they’ll ultimately be easy to justify. We can help you customize sizes, so if your spot doesn’t quite fit the specified dimensions of a piece, just contact us and we can figure out the rest!

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