Contemporary Designers’ Own Homes

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 4, 2017

Let’s play “What’s inside your house?” featuring the homes of the most esteemed contemporary interior designers. The best way to understand an interior designer’s style, or at least try and grasp it, is to explore where he or she lives. At home, interior designers have no boundaries; they’re not capped by budgets or limited with restraints. Let’s explore what happens when imagination runs wild in a designer’s house.

Victoria Hagan is an award-winning interior designer whose work reflects elegance and versatility. At her getaway luxury residence, Victoria filled the living space with a soft palette of neutrals and pale blues. Sound a little bland? Neutrals don’t mean tasteless. Consider a neutral space provides the opportunity for iconic, stand out features like chandeliers. A stunning lighting piece like the Bulles Chandelier will attract attention ­with a muted backdrop.

Rose Tarlow used her home in California as a case study to prove to herself that she could create an ageless space. Designing a room that not only stands the test of time, but also maintains a modern sense, is the ultimate interior designer test. “But the key”, she reveals, “is to include signature design elements.” A leather sofa in timeless décor is the equivalent of canned goods in the pantry: a staple. Though unlike the can of garbanzo beans that expire, leather—such as the American Leather Luxe—is enduring. A classic, durable textile, leather is an ageless essential.

And to those who are committed to their beloved antiques, consider the castle of Axel Vervoordt. Like wine, Axel believes design is better with age and specializes in creating warm, layered spaces using priceless, relic goods.Rugs, such as the captivating Zion, are essential for bringing rooms together; giving the space context and purpose. Even if the space is new and modern, consider adding pieces that are appear distressed and mature. This gives the space depth and antiquity.

Every home is unique with different spaces and tastes. This is why our design team is committed in helping you modernize your home into a space that speaks to your character and interior design.

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